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computermixLearning Management System (LMS) is a fast growing learning management tool. LMS is widely used in premiere professional courses in India as well as in abroad. Internet knows no bound, so does the education system. LMS is generally defined

“an information system that administers instructor-led and e-learning courses and keeps track of student progress. Used internally by large enterprises for their employees, an LMS can be used to monitor the effectiveness of the organization’s education and training. It is also beneficial in ensuring state-and federal-mandated courses are delivered in a timely manner”

We all study books and take private tuitions to understand the concepts written in the book. But we do not see the applications of the concepts which makes the subject interesting and worth studying. Moreover the forum we have is confined to the students in our class or in the private tutorials.

LMS brings in the concept of ONE centralized learning system. Here you have access to your tutorials 24×7 from any location. You are not only learning the concepts but interesting audio and videos will explain you the applications.

Tracking your progress is easy and instant. Your answers get evaluated instantly and you can understand your improvement. While in a tutorial class you have to wait for your teacher to correct your answers and evaluate you. LMS does it instantly.

LMS is interactive and user friendly. It is like attending school anytime during the day or night from your home.

ICSE syllabus gets changed, so does your teacher’s note. Change is the only constant in ICSE where the syllabus gets updated in order to accommodate the international standards of education. Learning in LMS has the ability to update the content instantly and you will get access to the system with the updated content almost instantly.

As you grow up and enroll yourself for professional courses either in India or abroad, you will come across LMS in your course. Target ICSE will give you the exposure to study using LMS and you will enjoy the subjects that once bored you!!

So happy studying in LMS!!

Click here to view the Demo Tutorial

Target ICSE online learning tools

Target ICSE online learning tools

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