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Dec 162009

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Target ICSE has been ideated with YOU in mind. Yes YOU- the bright young teenager of today who is all set to top ICSE and emerge a true winner- not only in examinations, but in every aspect of LIFE!

Stand out!

Years ago in 1994 when I had appeared ICSE the internet didn’t exist. What a pity! Today as I look back I think of the limitless possibilities for learning and knowledge that the internet could have given me.

animated_computer_student_3You are lucky to be having the whole world of knowledge at your finger-tips. So go ahead and make the best of it. The rigors of school and homework and tuition can deplete you mentally and physically. So you are often left wondering that what if study-timings and tuition could be more flexible. We are here to fulfill that need. With Target ICSE, time is in your grasp.

  • You can access Target ICSE 24×7, whenever it is convenient for YOU.
  • readingWe haven’t forgotten our school days… the number of things we had on our wish-list when we were dreaming to make it big in ICSE. Those memories spurred us to make the journey through ICSE a little easier, a lot more enjoyable for you. So it is with the vision of fun and effective learning in mind that we decided to launch TARGET ICSE… your friend and guide to steer you to high scores in ICSE.


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