Self Study Courses

Target ICSE Self Study Courses

Target ICSE Self Study Courses

Target ICSE Self Study Courses for Class 10 Students

Target ICSE Self Study Courses are designed for Class 10 ICSE Students in such away so as to make their studies not only more comprehensive, but also more interactive and enjoyable.

This includes comprehensive coverage of all chapters in the syllabus, solved and unsolved questions and self assignments, tests and quizzes.

Self Study courses can be accessed any time, even if you are away from your home or on a vacation! The only thing you need is a computer/ laptop/ ipad and an internet connectivity which is easily available everywhere! No more carrying books to a cousin’s place! No more do you need scores of notebooks either! You can store all your assignments in the Target ICSE Learning Management System. Target ICSE Self Study Online Courses are designed for the new age student and changes the way you perceive studies. It is also ideal for revision because we know that in Class 10 revision is a big part of your studies and we have designed Target ICSE as a perfect way to revise/ check previous assignments and scores in quizzes and be prepared just perfectly for ICSE

Target ICSE Self Study Courses for class 10 students are available at Rs. 600/- each

Following subjects are available:
History& Civics / Geography/ English I/ English II/Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology

If you still have questions just give us a call at +91 801313 0928 or shoot us an email at: and we will readily answer all your queries.

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