ICSE Tution/Coaching

ICSE Tuition/ Coaching

Target ICSE offers Tuition/ Coaching to ICSE students (Classes IX-X) in the convenience of their homes. All teachers are in-house- we do not hook you up to a third party tutor. All our teachers are Target ICSE regular staff and bring with them experience, knowledge and a genuine love for teaching.

Tuitions are offered on a one-to-one basis and are delivered online. The students need a reliable internet connection and a headphone with mic to avail the online tuition. The classes are set up during after-school hours or in the early morning, as per the convenience of the student. There is one class every week which is scheduled as per the convenience of the student. To see how it works, you can take a DEMO class.

For further details/ to request a demo class call us at +91 9769049960 / email: support@targeticse.co.in


Annual Fees: Rs 7,200/- (April – March)

For students who enroll on or after 1st October: Rs. 3000/-

All enrollments will be valid till 31st March of the coming year,  after which you can renew your enrollment

Discounts may be available for students who opt for tuition in four or more subjects. To know about current offers please email us at: support@targeticse.co.in

The launch of Target ICSE a couple of years back has been a boon to ICSE students not only in India but all over the world. The Target ICSE Learning Management system is extremely well focused on ICSE study notes and revisions. The Target ICSE learning management system has neatly and efficiently managed all the ICSE study material into well explained chapters that contain written study material as well as audio and video aids. It is followed up with some really good model answers and to–do assignments. Target ICSE gives students all the tools that they need to prepare for ICSE. All notes and revision material have been prepared by ICSE teachers, all of whom are experts in their respective subjects.

Target ICSE is a dream come true for ICSE students. The best thing is that not only students, but teachers are also regular visitors to our site. Many teachers use Target ICSE assignments and Target ICSE Sample Papers for setting their class-work and test questions. We at Target ICSE are flooded with thank you notes from ICSE students and their teachers and parents. What really keeps Target ICSE going is the desire to excel and better our own high standards each passing day. We start each day on a new note, with a new promise- to ourselves and to you. Welcome to Target ICSE!


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  1. Parneet says:

    Can i get 2011 ISCE papers

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    I wanna ICSE model test papers of 7nth class

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    I found everything I needed here. Its way much better than Merit Nation and all the other websites!

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    plzzzzzzzzzzzz give some tips how to get 90 and above percentage in boards?????????????????????

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    it is useful for students

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    how to get 95% in board plz give me tips

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