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1.What is Target ICSE?
Target ICSE is a consortium of people from a variety of enviable academic backgrounds. What is common to them? ICSE. We have started www.targeticse.co.in with the firm vision of spreading quality education amongst ICSE students. Not only to help them get a good score, but also to prepare them for the future. We have leveraged our varied academic experiences- school and college teaching, research, online teaching and newer teaching methods adopted by Western countries in an endeavour to introduce the new concept of LMS to ICSE level students.

2.What is an LMS (Learning Management System)?

LMS is a tool for facilitating e-learning or online learning. Once you are enrolled in the system, you will have to login with your user id and password to take the lectures. You can log in any time of the day- and any number of times. Your enrollment will be valid till the  You can then discuss the topics with your peers who have enrolled in the same course. In the USA and in Europe, all universities use LMS as a tool for submitting assignments and referring to the lectures. In India IITs and IIMs have also switched over to LMS.

3 How will the tutorial classes be conducted?

Target ICSE tutorials can be accessed 24X7 from your home. Topics will be opened as per the Lesson Plan. You will study the topics and complete the assignment by the end of the week to get access to the next lecture.

Example: If you start with work power energy on Monday then you have to complete the assignments on work power and energy by Sunday to get the next chapter available to you on the next Monday. If you fail to do it, then it will be available to you after you complete Work, Power and Energy.

4.How will I get in touch with my teacher?

At the start of the course (at the beginning of every week) you will be given a schedule of telephonic discussion. We will be calling you over phone and will speak to you. You will be getting individual attention and care.

5.What types of lecture will Target ICSE provide?

We will provide the lectures based on theory and audio and videos to demonstrate the principles where required. An audio and video will make the topic more interesting and will help you in remembering.

6. How will be the tests conducted?

Self Tests, Assignments, Monthly Tests and Quizzes will be conducted online. For the 3 ICSE Mock Tests we will be sending you the question papers by email/courier to your address. You will write the test in your home under test conditions and send them back to us. We will evaluate the scripts and send you your scores along with detailed evaluation. We will then discuss with you the areas where you can improve and the methods to do so.

7. Will I be able to score good marks in ICSE by taking the online tutorial?

Our online tutorials are designed to clear the basic concepts in every subject. While we do not believe in spoon feeding (as it cannot take you to the higher level) we are very sure that our intensive curriculum, teaching methodology and test evaluation techniques are bound to make a sea-difference to your ICSE scores over what normal coaching classes would help you achieve. For entrance examinations after class twelve it becomes mandatory for you to understand the concepts first and then apply the concepts in numerical. This is something that we would try to initiate at the ICSE level itself so that it eases your journey in the plus two level.

8. Will the course help me in any way if I take up science in ISC?

Yes it will. At Target ICSE we design our course materials in such a way that you know things beyond your book. If you follow our materials, you will know beyond the ICSE standards and will definitely help you in grasping the ISC science standards.

9. Will I get any benefit in my preparation for IIT and other engineering entrance examination?

We will prepare you to understand the ISC science at ease. You will be able to grasp science subjects easily. It will narrow down the difference that other students will encounter when they take up science in ISC and you will be able to devote more time in practising advanced level problems.

10. What will happen if the course does not suit me?

We give you access to preview the course and techniques. You can go through the course and enroll. So you know before joining whether the technique will suit you or not. As in any digital products, refunds are not possible.

11. What are the advantages over conventional tuition?

The help is available 24X7 for any subjects.

You do not need to wait for 6 days with the doubt in your mind and then ask your teacher.

The coaching is personalized and you will be getting personal attention from us (provided you complete the assignments on time).

You will become independent in your studies and it will be of great help when you prepare for competitive examinations in your ISC.

12. Who are the people behind target ICSE?

Please visit The About Us page.

13. How will I communicate for my doubts?

Email is the prime mode of communication. You can call us up too in our number. Writing frequent emails will automatically enhance your grammar and writing skills which will be an added advantage of enrolling in this course

14 Is it an alternative to the classroom coaching/tution?

Yes. It is a viable alternative to it but the decision of joining a coaching centre lies on you.

15. Does Target ICSE offer any free guidance/help?

Yes. You can get free sample papers, study helps and the like for free. We also have a forum where all students can register and place their questions which can be answered by fellow students or by us depending on the question asked.

16. How to enroll/ make payments?

Download the enrollment form from our website and send it along with the tuition fees at the following address:

Paromita Sengupta

“Braja Kuthi”

288 M.B. Road,

P.O-Nimta, Laxmi Narayan Palli,


Payment is to be made by Demand Draft in favour of Dr. Paromita Sengupta payable at “State Bank of India”, Dum Dum Airport Branch, Kolkata, West Bengal.

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