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A Blasphemous Act

A Blasphemous Act

by Soumick Mukherjee

A defeated soul walks heart sore,
Walk’s into his room, tightly locks the door.
Are we ready to start?
Yes, his heart is about to break apart.

Dear princess, listen to what I have to say,
You left me on my own and went away,
It’s not that am dead, I’ll be so, soon.
And that is the death toll,
This will wipe out every living soul.

Shall I compare myself with the exhumed city?
Or the dark blind-spots inside of me?
What do I call this? Destiny or fate?
When will my thoughts transcend, and escalate.
And whom do I blame for my present state? (Myself)

“I Love You” try saying this once more,
Rubble my hair, the way you used to, before.
Did you try to make a new start?
No, even if you did, I am already on a rampart.

Dear princess, listen to what I have to convey,
False were the promises we made, in dismay.
It’s not that I didn’t try to move on.
But every time I tried, the remnants of your face,
Brought me much disgrace.

Shall I blame myself for this tryst with destiny?
Or is it mandatory to face the truth of infamy?
Why do I do this? Death has its signs.
You ain’t no different, just a reflection of mine.
And my rehab-life? Just a matter of time.

Rejection, Once, Twice, Thrice.
Isolation, Once, Twice, many times.
Solitary confinement, every time.
Cumulative Miscalculations and the Cosmic Sun.
A Catastrophe is YET TO COME.

Soumick Mukherjee is a class 10 student and lives in Asansol, West Bengal.

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