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The future of your life lies in your own hands and not on your fate

“Men at sometimes are masters of their fates:
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings.”
(Julius Caesar, Act 1, scene ii)

These words of Cassius in Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar reinstates the universal truth that the life of a man depends not on his stars but on his own doings. Some people often repeat that it is their luck that is responsible for their present adverse situation. Such people are nothing but escapists who refuse to take responsibility for their actions (and inaction).
During exams we wish good luck to our friends, even our parents at home ask us to join our hands before God before leaving for any important work. Our day mostly begins with prayer but when exams are nearing and more particularly on the exam days the situation is so very different. We keep on knocking the doors of God, asking for help, to save us in the paper for the final time as from the next time things will change and we will put our best in studies. We even offer money to God for many a time without realizing that we are actually offering bribes to Him. Without concentrating on what is important, we often sit casually leaving everything in the name of our fate.
An eminent personality like Swami Vivekananda believed that the future of a person lies in his own hand rather than in his fate and not even in his intelligence (which he is born with) but in his effort and hard work to make his life successful. This is very true even today. Though the world has changed and everything around us has changed and is changing but this truth has not and will never. The very history of our country also shows that had not our national heroes sacrificed their lives, had not our freedom fighters fought for their country and but sat idly crying and blaming their fate for their sufferings, we would have been still under British domination.
Without effort and perseverance nothing can be achieved in life. Man makes his own destiny; good and honest effort brings in good results. Mere dreaming of a good future will not help fulfill it. The future of a person lies in his own hands and not in his fate. Fate and destiny are in perfect direct relationship with hard work. If one puts in hard work, he is sure to achieve good results. This truth has also been established by many famous writers like Shakespeare in his most notable tragedy, Macbeth where Macbeth was so sure of getting the crown (as he believed too much in his fate as told by the three witches) but his life proved that his evil deed of killing Duncan could never lead to anything good. Fate and destiny could not bring Macbeth the pleasure of the crown but it brought his own life to a point of madness: “Sleep no more; Macbeth does murder sleep”. His own action followed him till his death.
Without waiting for results we must go on doing our work. After all, every accomplishment starts with the decision to give it a try!

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