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Sample Essay- All’s well that ends well!

All’s well that ends well!

We have heard our elders say that we must always look forward to our future, to try and better it. But do we always do so? No matter how much we try we cannot forget our past days, good and bad and perhaps also those that are good in bad.  In our day to day life so many things happen with us and our mind decides which one to keep in store and which one to delete from the memory.

School is perhaps one the best experiences of life. But sadly, we often realize this only when we are about to leave school. And in our 13 to 14 years of school life so many things happen with us that if we try to recollect any single happy incident, we are in a great confusion. The most memorable thing about school life for all of us is the last day of the school. This day we all try to live to the fullest, to make the best of it, to do all the fun possible. Even our teachers and juniors help us by doing something exclusive for us, by giving a nice farewell to us because all’s well that ends well. The parting days of the school comes with sadness in disguise and we like to remember only the best part of it. Things become memorable if its ending is well.

This makes me recall an incident of my life. An excursion was planned by my school when I was in the ninth standard. The news came as a surprise to me and my friends since that was the first time that the school had decided to organize an excursion. I was too excited to hear the news but at the same time I was doubtful whether I would be lucky enough to be joining the group. As I went home I very cautiously told this to my mother who did not stir a bit. I patiently waited to hear her say something about the trip. But she did not and finally unable to keep any more patience I asked her if I would be allowed to go.

Well, mamma’s reply (“NO!”) was not surprising to me; I had somehow expected it and also accepted it for the time being. As the next few days went by, the date of the trip came near and the teachers asked us to bring money and our guardian’s approval letter within a specific date. I dared to try and convince my mamma once more vowing many things to do mostly to please her. But she was stern in her decision despite my incessant pleading. The next day as I went to school and heard my friends planning the trip, tears came to my eyes. Seeing me in such a condition it made my class teacher was moved and she promised me that she would talk to my mother personally and try to convince her.

I waited for a positive report from my teacher, from then on, ‘the best teacher’. I went home with the hope that the next I would probably be sitting with my friends and planning everything from packing to food etc. But the whole night went by and as there was no positive news from mamma, I realized that my teacher perhaps did not remember to call mamma. The next day was the last working day of the school before excursion. Thinking of my impossibility I became desperate to try my best to do something. So I went to my teacher again but to my disappointment found that all the teachers were busy in a meeting. I waited for forty minutes for her outside the staff room. As the teacher came out I pleaded her to call my mother and talk to her which she promised she would. This made me wait for my mother’s word eagerly. I went home and this time did not ask her anything but carried on with my regular work. Suddenly mamma burst out laughing and asked me to pack my bag. I ran to hug mamma. I was at the height of excitement.

The next day’s morning is and will always be memorable for me. Finally my earnest urging days ended well and brought in unforgettable happiness for me. Thus life has reminded me of the saying that “all’s well that ends well”.

ICSE Sample Essays

ICSE Sample Essays

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  1. sahithi says:

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    can u plz …post an essay about “betterlate than never” illustrating it with a story….. i’ll be waiting

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  4. kaushik says:

    it is a very good essay
    i am impressed by the way it ends

  5. akanksha says:

    ur essays are good> im sayin d same thing i skool 2mrw!!!!!! thnx 4 posting it!

  6. Pavithra says:

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    can u pls add more essays on more different topics othr than narrative and current issues?
    more anecdotes maybe? pls try to add more on this space as we are very fortunate to recieve this help.
    thank you admin!

  7. shubham chaudhary says:

    the way it has been written is so good that it helped me to do my English homework

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    if you can kindly post some more essays
    i will be highly grateful to you
    thank you

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    an excellent essay……… i ever ever heard

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