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MOBILE PHONES: A BLESSING IN DISGUISE- Argue both for and against this statement

Think of those days when telephone didn’t exist at all! People all over the world were confined to their own small circle with no immediate knowledge of happenings in the outside world. Then came in the big revolutionary discovery of the telegraph which was our earliest mode of communication. But telegrams also took a long time to reach the person to whom it was sent.

The marvelous invention of telephone by Alexander Graham Bell helped in the transmission of voice and therefore made connectivity more interesting and faster. It was followed by the modernized version of bell’s machine, the mobile phones. But the general rule of science is that every new discovery has its positive aspect and some negative effects.

There are some positive effects of this new apparatus which would include faster connectivity which enables people to keep in touch with their near and dear ones very easily. It helps us to track people with the latest technologies that are provided in the mobile phones. People on road would be able to contact others in case of problems for which in the past times they had to run around to find a public telephone booth. Mobile phones have made long distance or international calls faster and easier. With the coming in of the more upgraded technologies and facilities provided in a mobile phone, a phone is no longer just a phone. It has now become a computer in a miniature form which can be carried around anywhere and everywhere. For the gadget freaks, a mobile phone has become a play thing. Another way of looking at the mobile phones is from the point of view of the teenagers for whom it is the best way to keep in touch with friends.

But when we consider the question that is this invention really a blessing, we can actually see that the very presence of a mobile phone in the market has done more disasters than blessings. Terrorists who misuse it have taken all the opportunities available through a mobile phone to spread terror and devastation. The innocent youngsters have started chatting with people they do not even know and just perhaps because their voice sounds nice. Various kinds of immoral messages are delivered through the phone to vitiate the young minds. Using mobile phones while driving or crossing the road have caused a lot of accidents in recent years. And last but not the least it has been proven that talking on mobile phones for long hours have caused biological damage to the ears.

Mobile phones are thus a double-edged sword that can be used to enhance the quality of our life, but at the same time may also be abused by mischief makers. Again, it is up to us as to how we take advantage of this great invention and use it to our advantage.

ICSE Sample Essays

ICSE Sample Essays

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