Maths Revision – Algebra


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14 Responses to “Maths Revision – Algebra”

  1. sukriti says:

    I want the solution with answer.

  2. admin says:

    We want you to solve. answers will be published soon.

  3. Dexter says:

    I think 6,7,8 are out of syllabus.

  4. admin says:

    Very much in syllabus

  5. Dexter says:

    which chapter? (like inequations, matrices etc.)

  6. admin says:

    Quadratic equations and ratio..

  7. Aaditya says:

    Thank You very much.
    Sir,we also need the solutions of commenced exams

  8. Aaditya says:

    i think that sum.3 is wrong as i am getting imaginary roots.if i am wrong,please correct me

  9. admin says:

    The sum is not wrong. The sum has imaginary roots.

  10. Sindhura says:

    I need questions from commercial maths . Will you put up any more questions today ?

  11. safa says:

    thnk u sir….throughout ma x boards…it was vry useful…..

  12. sanchi says:

    i need the answers to all these questions along with there solutions and some more questions from other topics also…

  13. sanchi says:

    in q.9 where is y?

  14. pravash says:

    i want the answers of 6,7,8

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