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History and Civics Revision

A. Civics:
1. State two essential qualifications required for election to the Rajya Sabha.
2. Who appoints the Governor of a state?
3. Mention two discretionary powers of the Governor of a state.
4. Under what conditions can a member of the Lok Sabha be disqualified and removed from membership?
5. Who summons and prorogues the sessions of the Lok Sabha?
6. Mention two administrative functions of the High Court.
7. What is Parliamentary Constituency?
8. What is the maximum and minimum strength required for the Legislative Council?
9. Name the Highest Court dealing with criminal cases at the district level.
10. Which house is called the Lower House of the Parliament?
11. Who is the constitutional Head of the State?
12. What is a bicameral legislature?
13. Who determines the size of the Council of Ministers in the Lok Sabha?
14. Mention two financial powers of the President.
15. Name the states which have a bicameral Legislature.
16. What is meant by “Original Jurisdiction” of the high Court?
17. Who appoints the Judge of the District Court?
18. What is the number of elected members of the i) Lok Sabha and ii) Rajya Sabha?
19. Under what circumstances can the Governor dismiss the Council of Ministers and dissolve the Legislative Assembly?
20. Which body has the final authority to interpret the constitution of India?
21. Name the writ issued by the High Court which provides a remedy for a person who has been unlawfully detained in prison.
22. Explain the term Quorum.
23. When can ordinances be issued by the President?
24. Name the body which elects the Rajya Sabha members.
25. How are the members of the State Legislative Assembly elected?

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B. History:
1. Why was the 1916 Lucknow Session of the Indian National Congress significant?
2. Where and when was the first session of the Muslim League held?
3. State two proposals of the Mountbatten Plan.
4. How did the Swadeshi Movement give encouragement to indigenous industries?
5. What was Subhas Chandra Bose’s battle cry?
6. State any two aims of Fascism.
7. State any two functions of the UNICEF.
8. Where was the first session of the Indian National Congress held and when?
9. By which Act did the Governor General of Bengal become the Governor General of India? Name the first Governor General.
10. When was WHO established and where is its headquarters?
11. Who coined the term ‘Cold War’ for the first time?
12. Mention one reason for the unhappiness of the Indian soldiers in the British army before 1857.
13. How did the English language play a leading role in the growth of nationalism in India?
14. Name the national leader who succumbed to lathi charge during the protest movement against the Simon commission.
15. When and by whom was the civil Disobedience Movement launched?
16. According to Dadabhai Naoroji, what was the basic cause of poverty in India?
17. Who are the five permanent members of the Security Council?
18. Name any two Human Rights included in the Declaration of Human Rights which have been incorporated in the Indian Constitution.
19. Which day was to be observed as the Poorna Swaraj Day all over India every year?
20. Who is the founder of Forward Bloc?
21. Why was the Moscow Declaration significant?
22. What role do NGOs play in the enforcement of Human Rights?
23. Why was the Rowlatt Act (1919) passed?
24. Who started the Khilafat Movement and why did Gandhiji participate in the movement?
25. Name the moderate leader who explained the economic drain theory during colonial times.

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