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Answers to Topo Revision

Answers to SURVEY OF INDIA MAP SHEET No. 45D/7 (Es 80-89 and Ns 87-97):

    1. 8087
    2. 8590
    3. 8596
    4. 8292


    1. 835969
    2. 856908
    3. 875873
    4. 877950


    1. Spring + ( in blue)

    Dry tank a1_3b


  • Contour of 200 m height.
  • Perennial lined well.
  • Lime kiln, it is a large furnace for baking limestone.
  • 7r means the relative height of river bank is 7 m.
  • Stony waste is a barren land which has stones.
  • 6r means the relative height of the sand dune is 6m.


  • North
  • North-west
  • North-north-east
  • West.

6. Gradient is a degree of slope of a land surface, stream, road railway away from horizontal, it is expressed as a percentage or an angular measurement from the horizontal.
7. The main mode of irrigation is perennial lined wells and river water because a number of blue dots can be seen on the map. A narrow channel of water flowing through river also provides water for irrigation.
8. The most dominant mode of transport is cart track.


  • On the right bank.
  • Mahodeviyo Nala joins the main river from its left bank.


  • Agriculture.
  • The people belong to Hindu community.

Answers to SURVEY OF INDIA MAP SHEET No. 45D/7 (Es 80-89 and Ns 76-86)

    1. 8480
    2. 8882
    3. 8379
    4. 8777
    1. 839843
    2. 812786
    3. 845806
    4. 850828
  1. It is a surveyor’s mark cut in some durable fixed material such as a rock, or the wall, or face of building, for which the height above the bottom level is accurately determined.
    1. Unmetalled road
    2. Broken ground
    3. Tehsil boundary
    4. 6r means the depth of lined well is 6m.
    1. North-east
    2. North-west
    3. South-east
    4. South-east
  2. The height of the highest trigonometrical station is 307 and is located in grid square 8584.
  3. Some tract of land is not cultivated because it is barren and broken by numerous streams flowing over it.
  4. Grasses and palm trees.
  5. The wide spread mode of transport is cart-track because the map shows a wide network of red lines which represents cart-tracks.
    1. Compact nucleated settlement.
    2. Dispersed or scattered settlement.

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