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Geography Revision – I

Questions on The climate of India.

  1. Why does Cherrapunji receive higher rainfall than Shillong?
  2. Name the parts of India that are affected by cyclones and depressions and explain the causes of these.
  3. Which states in India receive winter rain? How is this rain economically beneficial?
  4. Explain how the west coast of India gets rain.
  5. What are the typical features of the tropical monsoon climate?
  6. Why do hill stations in South India never get snow even when the temperature drops below 0°C?
  7. Explain the mechanism of the direction of the Bay of Bengal branch of the SW Monsoon.
  8. Why does India have varied climatic types?
  9. Which type of climate is experienced in the Northern Plains of India? State one important characteristics of this type of climate.
  10. Explain why Mumbai is warmer than Kanpur in December.

Questions on Soils in India:

  1. How is red soil formed? Mention two important properties of this soil.
  2. Which type of soil is associated with the term ‘leaching’? Name two regions in India where this type of soil is found.
  3. What kind of soil do you need for i) wheat, ii) cotton, iii) bajra?
  4. Differentiate between khadar and bhangar soils and say where either of them is found.
  5. Which soil is of volcanic origin? Which crop thrives best in this soil?
  6. State two methods of soil conservation in semi-arid regions.
  7. Where do find red soil in India? What are its disadvantages?
  8. How is the soil protected from i) sheet erosion, ii) water logging and iii) gully erosion?
  9. Explain why alluvial soil is good for agriculture.
  10. Explain why red soil is red in colour.

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  1. Sindhura says:

    awesome questions thx admin !

  2. sukriti says:

    plz send me the answer and also some more revision with topography.

  3. vishwanathan says:

    plez give the following which will help us a lot…….
    1] topos probs
    2] problems based on climate like finding annual temp of a place …etc
    3] marking scheme for the questions u give
    4] frm board they only give 47 D/7 maps……..any sites where these are available for practice?


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  5. vishwanathan says:

    admin plez replay

  6. cuttie says:

    hey guys…if u r in g8 tension about toposheet thn u can solve the previous yrs boards papers until sir.admin downloads it.

  7. Anandi says:

    The revisions don’t have Physical Features in ‘em :(

  8. anuj says:

    plz send me answers

  9. shraddha says:

    this revision is coooollllllll !!!!
    plz send sm questions of toposheet as fast as u can..

  10. admin says:

    Yes the bauxite and manganese is not in your syllabus.. pls ignore those questions.

  11. admin says:

    Questions on topo sheets will be posted soon.. !!

  12. sunita says:

    thanks a ton ADMIN :lol:

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  14. admin says:

    Topo Sheet questions have been posted.. pls chk

  15. vishwanathan says:

    frm board they only give 47 D/7 maps……..any sites where these are available for practice?

    admin plez answer me

  16. admin says:

    yes.. we have given 45 D/7 maps
    you can also get them at:

  17. vishwanathan says:

    thank you very very much

  18. gayatri says:

    i don’t understand by L and A in the toposheet 45D7(Es92-101 and Ns75-86).
    plze gie me d ans

  19. Prathiksh says:

    @Admin- Isn’t Bauxite and Manganese in Syllabus for 2011

  20. arsh says:

    thaxs very much

  21. SARO says:

    1.Why does Cherrapunji receive higher rainfall than Shillong?

  22. Anamika Prasad says:

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    so helpful………….
    really gud..

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