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English II Revision – A Treasure Trove of Short Stories

Read the extracts below and answer the questions that follow:

Extract 1.

Half the enchantment of the place was due to the fact that it did not have the benefit of municipal lighting. The place was lit up by shop lights. One or two had hissing gaslights, some had naked flares stuck on poles, some were lit up by old cycle lamps and one or two like the astrologer’s, managed without lights of their own.

i. Which place is described here? How could the lack of municipal lights be an advantage? [2]
ii. Explain how the setting helped in attracting customers to the astrologer. [4]
iii. How did the astrologer manage without having a light of his own? [3]
iv. Who were the other traders and vendors who did their business around him? [3]

Extract 2.

My mother’s chin was up and she was staring down at him along the full length of her nose. It was a fearsome thing, this frosty-nosed stare of my mother’s. Most people go to pieces completely when she gives it to them.
i. Who was the mother staring down at?
ii. Why did the mother give him the cold stare?
iii. What does the child remember about the effect of cold stare on her headmistress?
iv. What effect did the mother’s cold stare have on the old man?
v. Did the old man succeed in convincing the mother and getting what he wanted?

Extract 3.

If u tried going near her during the day, someone or the other would say, “Let the poor thing have some rest at least while she is here.” Ma too would put on a pathetic act as if we always harassed her at home.
i. Where was Ma? Why were the children not allowed to go near Ma? [1+2=3]
ii. Who is referred to as the “poor thing”? Why? [4]
iii. Why does the “poor thing” need rest? [3]
iv. Why did the narrator feel disgusted? What did she do? [4]
v. How did the Naani treat the mongrel dog? [3]

Extract 4.

“I don’t worry”, he said, “but I can’t keep from thinking.”
“Don’t think,” I said. “Just take it easy.”
“I am taking it easy,” he said, and looked straight ahead. He was evidently holding tight onto himself about something.
i. Who is “he” and “I” referred to in the extract?
ii. Why does he say that he doesn’t worry?
iii. What was “his” anxiety about?
iv. What does “I” tell him to remove “his” anxiety and fear?

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  1. Rikki Tikki and Tavi

  2. surya says:

    it is more useful if the answers are given

  3. swastpi says:

    it was really nice.
    i would suggest that if u can display the chapter’s name as well as the answer i would really apprecipate it.

  4. mishrika says:

    plz give the chapters name it is very difficuilt to identify it with just an extract…… :)

  5. why the name of that book is a tressure trove of short stories ?

  6. Akash dey says:

    if answers would be given it would really be helpful to students.

  7. monil says:

    it is more useful if the answers are given

  8. AANCHAL says:

    it would be better if answers were given!!!then also its good

  9. chaitra says:

    u could hav mention the chapters name!!!!thn 2 its gud……….

  10. Gunjan Agarwal says:

    I wish that the chapter’s names as well as the answers to the extracts were given…

  11. Aakashdeep Bose says:

    the questions are good.it had been more good if the answers were given

  12. giriraj says:

    Extract 1: An Astrologer’s Day
    Extract 2: The Umbrella Man
    Extract 3: Girls
    Extract 4: The Gift of The Magi

  13. yas says:

    how much land does a man required?

  14. swagata says:

    if u cud provide us wid d ans. it wud b nyc …………. nd suggst sum ques 4m rikki-tikki-tavi……..plz

  15. Vaibhav Agarwal says:

    Extract 4 is from ‘A Day’s Wait’…….

  16. Pragati says:

    plz add more chapters..!

  17. Pragati says:

    @ giriraj: Extract 4 is “A Day’s Wait”.

  18. priyakhee says:

    extract 4 was from ‘A Day’s Wait’ by Ernest Hemingway:p:p…. we needed extracts from al the stories….

  19. swayangprava says:

    the 4th extract is from a days wait

  20. erica says:

    the 4th extract is from a days wait and not the gift of the magi @ giriraj

  21. yashas says:

    4 is a days wait

  22. jaw says:

    monkeys paw

  23. swapnika says:

    done with 2011-2012 english paper-2 examnination

  24. dolly says:

    cool…..it is helpfull… :-)

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  26. Ankita says:

    Kindly send me the extracts with answers for the chapter RIKKI TIKKI TAVI

  27. ROSHAN AGARWAL says:


  28. rajashree mondal says:

    i luv da stories whch r there in the book………..it is vry helpful 4 us 2 know da patern of da icse questions………………thankxxx………..

  29. bhawna singh says:

    please send me notes for an astrologer’s day.

  30. Satya says:

    nice help…………

  31. sheetal swarup says:

    soooooooo good , i must say it’s awesome to have like this so helpful and yeah stories in the book are too good…………..

  32. ashmi says:

    can u tell from where can we get perfect ans. as recommeended by d icse boards.n d 16 mks answers too
    .. plez give a rply soon..
    in urgent need…

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