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Biology Revision

Question 1

Differentiate between:

  1. Mitosis and Meiosis.
  2. Diffusion and Osmosis.
  3. Hormone and Enzyme.
  4. Myopia and Hypermetropia.
  5. Nervous system and hormonal system.

Question 2

Explain the following terms:

  1. Interphase.
  2. Turgor Pressure.
  3. Diffusion Pressure.
  4. Cell Cycle.
  5. Chromatid.
  6. Mendel’s law of dominance.
  7. Dihybrid Cross.
  8. Reflex action.
  9. Astigmatism.
  10. Endocrine gland.

Question 3

Give reasons:

  1. Root hairs become flaccid, when fertilizers are added to the moist soil around it.
  2. During the day transpiration and photosynthesis are interlinked.
  3. Colour blindness is rarely reported in females.
  4. Twins may or may not be identical.
  5. Adrenalin is called the emergency hormone.
  6. Grapes shrink when immersed in a very strong sugar solution.
  7. Rapid increase of the population of India in recent times.
  8. One can tie shoe laces without seeing.
  9. Education is very important in population control.
  10. Meiosis is referred as reduction division.

Question 4

State whether the following are true or false:

  1. The glands with ducts are called exocrine gland.
  2. The endocrine system performs its function by special compounds called enzymes.
  3. The part of the ear associated with balance is the cochlea.
  4. High humidity in the atmosphere results in decrease in the rate of transpiration.
  5. All the cells of the plant undergo photosynthesis.
  6. Chemicals applied to spots and places to kill harmful micro-organisms are called disinfectants.
  7. Pregnancy can be prevented by vasectomy.
  8. Over secretion of thyroxin causes simple goitre.
  9. Cranial nerves arise from the brain
  10. Image is formed on the blind spot.

Question 5

State one difference in the following pairs.

  1. Tendon and ligament (function).
  2. Corpus callosum and corpus luteum (location).
  3. Ureter and Urethra (function).
  4. Conditional reflex and simple reflex (example).
  5. Stomatal transpiration and cuticular transpiration (parts from where it takes place).

Question 6

Name the following:

  1. The gland which secretes insulin.
  2. An organization whose function is to produce and supply blood to needy victims of a natural calamity.
  3. A substance produced by micro-organisms which inhibit and kill other micro-organisms.
  4. The phenomena of the contraction of cytoplasm from the cell wall caused due to withdrawal of water from the cell when placed in a hypertonic solution.
  5. The fundamental unit of nervous system.
  6. The process of cell division where chromosome number remains the same.
  7. The part of brain which is concerned with memory.
  8. The endocrine gland which produces emergency hormone.
  9. The opening through which light enters the eyes.
  10. The tube that leads from the ovary to the uterus.

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