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Kanika’s Grammar Test Evaluated

Q. Do as directed.

1). The police caught the thief. (End……. By the police)
Ans. The thief was caught by the police. Right

2). Too much is being taken for granted. (Begin… they are)
Ans. They are taking too much for granted. Right

3). Who has broken the mirror. (Begin.. by whom)
Ans. By whom has was the mirror been broken?

4). They must do it at once. (End……. Done at once)
Ans. It must be done at once. Right

5). Someone has picked his pocket. (Begin His pocket)
Ans. His pocket has been picked by someone. Right

6). Passengers are forbidden to cross the line. (End……. Forbids passengers to cross the line)
Ans. The rule forbids the passengers to cross the line. Right

7). Post this letter. (Begin. Let)
Ans. Let this letter be posted. Right

8). Will they help you? (End… by them?)
Ans. Will you be helped by them? Right

9). Has the grocer sold the tea? (End… by the grocer)
Ans. Has the tea been sold by the grocer?

10). Was Gita doing the sum. (Begin…. Was the sum…)
Ans. Was the sum being done by Gita?

11). I objected to his proposal. (Begin. His proposal)
Ans. His proposal was objected to by me.

12). The teacher is setting the papers. (Begin. The papers)
Ans. The papers are being set by the teacher. Right

13). We refused him admission. (End…. By us)
Ans. His admission was refused by us. Right

14). The old man was laughed at by them. (Begin. They)
Ans. They laughed at the old man. Right

15). Mothers bring up children. (Begin Children)
Ans. Children are brought up by their mothers. Right

16). She will have read the book. (End…. Byher)
Ans. The book will have been read by her. Right

Answers are written in purple.

Q). Subject- verb agreement

1). What is the news? My glasses are lost and I cannot read. Right
2. The voice of the singers is pleasant. Right
3. Many an attempt has been made to climb Mount Everest. Right
4. The shop, with all its contents, is insured. Right
5. Which of those books are yours? Right
6. Ten thousand rupees is a big sum. Right
7. Neither of my uncles have any children. Right
8. This is the only one of her poems that is worth reading. Right
9. Either Manisha or I am to blame. Right
10.The great poet and singer is dead. Right
11. The staff is poorly paid. Right
12. Eight furlongs is equal to a mile. Right
13. Ratna is one of the cleverest girls who has taken the test. Right
14. Neither food nor water was to be found there. Right
15. Two- thirds of the building was destroyed. Right

Kanika is really working hard on her Grammar!

More of her grammar tests evaluated. The wrong answers have been replaced by right answers. The right answers have been marked right.

1. People grew a lot of rubber in Malaysia. [Begin: A…]

Ans. A lot of rubber is was grown in Malaysia.

2. He tried harder and harder but achieved less and less. [Begin: The….]

Ans. The harder he tried, the lesser he achieved.

3. “Shall I ask her to wait,” said Pamela. [Change into Reported Speech]

Ans. Pamela asked if she should ask her to wait. – right

4. It was so late that I could not attend the class. [Use: too]

Ans. It was too late to attend the class. – right

5. Prizes were being given by the Minister when the lights went out. [Change the voice]

Ans. The Minister was giving the prizes when the light went out.

6. If you had not advised me, I would have fallen into the trap. [Begin: But….]

Ans. But for your advice, I did not fall into a trap. Would have fallen into the trap.

7. I am coming with you. [Provide a suitable question tag]

Ans. Shall I come with you? I am coming with you, may I?

8. This is the biggest elephant I have ever seen. [Use: big]

Ans. This elephant is more big than any other elephant that I have ever seen.

9. As soon as Rama starts to run the race, the crowd cheers her. [Begin: No sooner …]

Ans. NO sooner did does Rama starts to run a race than the crowd cheers her.

10. Both the answers are wrong. [Begin: Neither….]

Ans. Neither of the two answers are is right.

11. Neither John nor his friends ……… to blame. [Use: is/are]

Ans. Neither John nor his friends are is to blame.

12. The United Nations have has its headquarters in U.S.A. [Correct the sentence]

13. He is a principled man. [Use: principle]

Ans. He is a man of principles.

14. But for my help, she would not have succeeded. Begin: Had…]

Ans. Had I Had not helped her, she would have failed. not have succeeded.

15. If he apologizes, he will be pardoned. [Use: Unless…]

Ans. Unless he apologizes, he will not be pardoned. – right

16. The teacher asked, “Will you confess your mistake?” [Change into indirect speech]

Ans. The teacher asked him if he would confess his mistake. – right

17. Let the child not be disturbed. [Change into active voice]

Ans. Don’t Do not disturb the child.

18. Very few Prime Ministers are as scholarly as our Prime Minister. [change into superlative]

Ans. Our prime Prime minister Minister is the most scholarly of all.

19. He is so ill that he cannot not attend the meeting. [Use: too]

Ans. He is too ill to attend the meeting. – right

20. The task was not pleasant. It was not easy either. [Combine the two sentences]

Ans. The task was neither pleasant nor easy. – right

21. The Principal is calling everyone from this class. [Begin: Everyone…]

Ans. Everyone from the class is being called by the principal from the class.

22. How kind a person Anurag is! [Begin: What…]

Ans. What a kind person Anurag is!?

23. It was wrong on the part of the management to dismiss him. [Use: ought]

Ans. The management ought not to dismiss him. – right

24. Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world. [Begin: No other…]

Ans. No other city in the world is as expensive as Tokyo.

25. There were only a few coins in the purse that Seema lost. [Begin: The purse…]

Ans. The purse which Seema lost had only a few coins.

26. “I do not think I can finish the work by today”, said the plumber. [Change the narration]

Ans. The plumber told that he said that he did not think that he could complete the work that day.

27. There is nothing more beautiful than the sunset. [Begin: Is….]

Ans. Is there anything beautiful than sunset? – right

28. If you do not mend your ways, you will get into trouble. [Begin: Mend…]

Ans. Mend your ways or you will get into trouble. –right

29. He is not a reckless driver. [End: recklessly]

Ans. He does not drive recklessly.

30. She exclaimed that Kolkata is a very congested city. [Change into direct speech]

Ans. She said,”Kolkata is a very congested city”. – right

31. Very few foods are as healthy as milk. [Change into superlative]

Ans. Milk is healthiest than any other food of all.

32. Andrew is the best cobbler in our town. [Change into positive]

Ans. No other cobbler is as good as Andrew is. -right

33. Hyderabad is one of the cleanest cities in India. [Use: clean]

Ans. Very few cities in India is are as clean as Hyderabad.

34. A deer does not run as fast as a cheetah. [Begin: A cheetah…]

Ans. A cheetah runs faster than a deer. – right

35. No other poet is as popular as Shakespeare. [Use: most]

Ans. Shakespeare is the most popular of all poets.

36. Mr. Ram came last of all for the meeting. [Change into positive]

Ans. No one came after Mr.Ram for thea meeting.

37. Some monuments are perhaps more beautiful than the Taj. [Use: most]

Ans. Taj is not the most beautiful than all the monuments.

38. ‘Why don’t you sing a song, Rita?’ said Suresh. (Rita)

Ans. Suresh asked Rita why don’t she sing a song. to sing a song

39. To Iqbal’s surprise, the office was closed. (find)

Ans. Iqbal found the office closed to his surprise. To his surprise, Iqbal found that the office was closed.

40. The play I saw last week was better than this one. (good)

Ans. This play is not as good as the one I saw last week. – right

Question 5. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions:

1. He has great confidence in… himself. – right

2. The miser fell a victim …in…to his own greed.

3. The government provides the school children …forwith…. free mid-day meals.

4. The difficult route led…to.through a forest.

5. I am waiting for the letter …onsince… Monday

6. I have lived in Bangalore …since….. 1978. – right

7. The convict begged for…… mercy. — right

8. Do you believe …in…ghosts? — right

9. Please attend …to… what I am saying to you. — right

10. One is known by…..the company one keeps. Keep good company always. — right

11. I looked ________at_____after my nephew while his parents went out.

12. We should not look ____down_______ upon the poor. – right

13. Farmers look ____________ _up__ to a better standard of living.

14. The principal promised to look _____in________into her case.

15. I am trying to look ___for___________ my key. -right

16. Do you agree ____with________to this proposal?

17. The man was charged ____of_______with theft.

18. The doctor cured her ____of_______ the disease. – right

19. The family was shocked __from_________at the news.

20. The police are inquiring ____about_______into the case.

21. Some people have a very strange attitude _______towards______ animals. -right

22. The newspaper made a fierce attack _____on_______ the speaker. -right

23. There was a steep rise ____in________ the cost of living last month. -right

24. People used to believe that air pollution was the cause ___of______ malaria. -right

25. In the long run, there is no alternative ____to_______ hard work. -right

26. He is lot more agile ___than_______ I am. -right

27. The newcomer wanted to know how to get _____from______ the bus stop to the bazaar. -right

28. He did not attend extra classes because ______of______ a severe cold. -right

29. A microscope is provided in the laboratory ___for________ the use of pupils.- right

30. I prefer fast food __to_________ any other food. -right

31. They rejoiced ______at____ their success. -right

32. He revenged himself____to______on his enemies.

33. We went to our house ____on_______ foot. – right

34. She was born ___of_______to rich parents.

35. The final decision rests_____on______ principal. – right

Second Set

Question 1 Rewrite as directed.

1. As soon as the news of the fire broke out, everyone rushed to the spot. [Begin: No sooner…..]

Ans. No sooner did the news of the fire broke break out than everyone rushed to the spot.

2. Richard sat on a freshly painted chair. [Begin: the Chair…]

Ans. The chair on which Richard sat was freshly preparedpainted.

3. This is the cruelest act I have ever seen. [Begin: Never…]

Ans. Never have I seen such a cruel act. – right

4. Even as a young artist, my aunt did not neglect her studies. [Use: when]

Ans. Even when my aunt was a young artist, she did not neglect her studies.

5. I found a ten rupee note in the book. [Change the voice]

Ans. A ten rupee note was found by me in the book. – right

6. It was wrong on the part of political parties to blame the neighboring country. [Use: ought]

Ans. Political parties ought not to wrongfully blame the neighbouring countries.

7. Being strong, Arul can lift the heavy suitcase.[ Use; so…. That]

Ans. Arun is so strong that he can lift the heavy staircasesuitcase.

8. “If you do not hurry, you will miss the bus.” My mother said. [Change into indirect speech]

Ans. My mother told me if I did not hurry I would miss the bus. – right

9. The children failed to notice the teacher as she entered. [Change into a negative sentence]

Ans. The children did not noticed the teacher’s entry. when she enetered.

10. Only Rachel came to the birthday party. [Begin: None…..]

Ans. None but Rachel came to the birthday party. – right

Question 2 Fill in the blanks using appropriate words.

1. The jury found him guilty of…… the crime – right

2. Monica is not liable for her friend’s debt. right

3. The army carried …on…out. a combing operation in the building.

4. His request for a transfer was turned …down….. right

5. I assure you …of…. my help. right

Because of too many careless mistakes your score can go down. Please avoid careless mistakes.

On 19th Feb, Kanika wrote:


This is another paper of English paper

Please evaluate it

Thank you

Our Answers:

  1. My father said to me” Let us go to the club.” [Change into indirect speech]

Ans. My father suggested that we should go to the club.

  1. No other empire in the world was as powerful as the Roman empire. [Use: most]

Ans. The Roman Empire was the most powerful empire in the world

  1. As soon as he wins the race, he prostrates on the track. [Begin: No sooner…]

Ans. No sooner than he wins the race, he prostrates on the track.

  1. The Principal disagreed with the proposal of the students, didn’t he? [ Use: agree]

Ans. The Principal did not agree with the proposal of the students, did he?.

  1. Who replaced the player after he was injured? [ Use substitute instead of replaced]

Ans. Who substituted the player after he was injured? - right

  1. Jasper has probably forgotten his mother’s birthday. [Begin: In…]

Ans. In all probability, Jasdeep has forgotten her mother’s birthday. - right

  1. For more information, please, contact the receptionist of the hotel. [Begin: if…]

Ans. If you need more information, please contact the receptionist of the hotel.

  1. He could not participate in the race as he had an injured foot. [ Use: ’prevented’]

Ans.  His foot injury prevented him from participating in the race.

  1. Those that are helpless deserve our pity. [Begin: The helpless…]

Ans. The helpless deserve our pity.

  1. The reason of her failure is not known. [ Rewrite using ‘why’ in the sentence]

Ans. It is not known why she failed

b) Complete each of the following sentences with a suitable form of the word given in brackets:                  [5]

  1. She was …pleased.. that she won a prize. [please] — right
  2. As the weather was bad, we stayed…… at home. [stay] — right
  3. He …declared…. that he was innocent. [declare] — right
  4. I was surprised when I …heard… him talk so. [hear] — right

c) Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.                                                                     [5] />

  1. Let us begin …with….. the first poem. — right
  2. I do not approve…of…. Your action in the matter. — right
  3. He is seldom attentive …to.. his lessons. — right
  4. He was cured  of…. his disease. — right


Kanika wrote to us:

Hello sir,

I got this from some other site.

Will you please evaluate it?

Thank you

Kanika we are here to help ICSE students in every way we can. Please find  the test evaluated below:

Question 1

a) Rewrite the following sentences correctly according to the instructions given after each. Make other changes that may be necessary but don’t change the meaning of the sentence. [10]

1. Supposing it is an emergency, we should act immediately. (Use: provided…)

Ans. We should act immediately, provided that it is an emergency. right answer

2. It is admitted that he is the greatest leader. (Begin: All …)

All admit that he is the greatest leader.

3. Be honest and you will be respected by everyone. (Use: Everyone…)

Ans. Everyone will respect you if you are honest. right answer

4. Gullible as he is as, he was not taken in by the fraud. (Begin: In spite of…)

Ans. In spite of he him being gullible, he was not taken in by the fraud.

5. My father was very charitable to everyone. (Use: the correct form of treat)

Ans. My father treated everyone very charitably.

6. Had Richard known what to do; he should have saved much time. (Begin: If…)

Ans. If Richard would have known what to do, he would have saved much time. right answer

7. This rumour is incredible. (Begin: This rumour cannot …..)

Ans. This rumour cannot be predicted credible.

8. The new budget made the public glad. Begin: The public…)

Ans. The public was glad with the new budget. right answer

9.”How prophetic was Cassius’ words that day!” said the soothsayer.(Change the narration)

Ans. The soothsayer remarked how prophetic was that Cassius’s words were very prophetic that day.

10. The students said,” Let there be no tests today.” (Change into Reported Speech)

Ans. The students asked requested not to have any tests that day.

Question 2

Complete each of the sentences by using an appropriate word in the blanks. [5]

1.There was a steep decline in the standard of education for the last decade. right answer

2.The peasants believed that rain was the source of God’s will. right answer

3. At the end of the day, there is no alternative __to_________ hard work. right answer

4. Achilles was a lot more valiant than Agamemnon. right answer

5. The foreigner wanted to know how to get from the airport to the hotel. right answer

6. He did not focus on the studies because had a distracted mind. of

Admin would like to thank Mishi for her alertness: “THANKS MISHI”

7. A favourable atmosphere is provided in the school for the pupils. right answer

8. I prefer fast food over any other food.– to

9. The common man rejoiced at the President’s declaration. right answer

10. He revenged himself of enemies. – on

  • I am very angry …at… his misconduct.
  • A good name which is lost can never be recovered. [ be, lose]
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