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Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) & Maths

Akriti’s Physics Questions

On 15th Feb 2010 Akriti Srivastava wrote:

Good Evening sir,

Well sir these are some of my physics queries
1-why does a print appears to be raised when a glass block is placed over it???
2-the sun is seen a few minutes before it rises above the horizon in the morning and in the evening few minutes longer after it sets.why??
3-a persons legs appears to be raised wen a glass block is placed over it.why??
4-what is meant by the statement ['refractive index of glass is 3/2'].
waiting for your reply
thanking you
Our answer:
Question 1

Refer to the diagram to the left.

Due to refraction, the ray of light traveling from the object placed under the glass block moves out of the normal after it gets into the rarer medium (air outside the glass block in this case). This phenomenon is called refraction.

The refracted ray when produced backwards meets the normal ray at a point vertically above the original object. When you view the object from above, you feel that the object has come nearer to you. This is called the apparent position of the object and the distance by which it appears to move above is called the apparent displacement.

In your question the print is the object described above.

2) This phenomenon occurs due to internal reflection.


In the above diagram, the sun is below the horizon. The rays from sun get internally reflected by the upper strata of the atmosphere which is denser. Due to this internal reflection, the sun seems to rise before it actually rises and seems to stay longer after it has already set.

3) Same explanation as Q1.

4) This means that the ratio of speed of light in vacuum to the speed of light through the glass is in the proportion of 3:2.

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10 Responses to “Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) & Maths”

  1. afia says:

    sir i have a query

    how can you distingish between a convex and concave lense kept on a table just meerly looking at it and without touching it

  2. admin says:

    Please email your questions to support@targeticse.co.in

  3. Anurag says:

    I know afia

    we need to show our face in it if our face looks magnified then it is a concave lens

    and if our face is diminished then it is a convex lens

  4. AADITYA says:

    i have a general query,
    is fire a solid or liquid or gas?
    i liked your materials very much thank you

  5. admin says:

    How can fire be a liquid or solid or gas? :O

  6. swathi says:

    These were very helpful…..thank u very much!

  7. gurpreet says:

    i have a small doubt though what is the difference between a convex and a concave lens?

  8. bhumika says:

    magnetism through a straight line conductor is difficult

  9. Aakash says:

    Very helpful indeed in doing my icse physics assignment.. Thanx a lot akriti

  10. SAHIL MANIAR says:

    Tom’z my exam , thanks alot , got all the reasons :)

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