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Student TestThis section is dedicated to answering all your ICSE related queries. It’s like a dream-come-true because now you can have all your queries answered. In fact we have even decided to feature selected questions on our website so that all ICSE students are benefited. Every month we will also select a question of the month and the winner will receive a host of goodies. So type away merrily and get all your questions answered!

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58 Responses to “ICSE Q&A”

  1. suman says:

    sir pls send some important questions

  2. dishank says:

    well maths is always difficult for me !!! please gimme some important questions so dat i cn du it for my boards 2012 for 10th std !!! i jus want to get over with it …. so i cn easily @least pass in maths !! please help

  3. nammitha says:

    please send sample papers of art exam and malayalam

  4. aditi says:

    i love maths and sometimes it become easy but sometimes it also be very difficult . but because of it become very easy for me……………..

  5. Ishan says:

    Why conc. and not dil. H2SO4 behaves as an oxidising and dehydrating agent ?

  6. bansuri says:

    I want notes and questions and answers of all subjects urgently mainly english II

  7. ankita says:

    hey Ishan,
    dilute H2SO4 already has got water and thus cannot be used as a drying agent as it doesnot absorb water now …

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