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Aptitude Test

A man bought a house with a market value of Rs 14,000 in 1975 for Rs 12,000. The house doubled its market value in two years, but the man fell upon hard times and sold it for two and a half times the sum he paid for it. Which of the following is true?

The distance round a race track from start to finish is 4 miles. Car A travels the first half of the track at 60mph and the second half at 120mph.Car B maintains  a steady 120mph for three quarters of the length, but the engine develops fault and can only complete the last quarter at a steady 30mph.Both cars start the race at the same time. Which of the following is true?

Select the correct option that has the last term in each of the following series: a) 64, 32, 16, 8,.... b) 1.9, 1.8, 1.6, 1.3,  .9 …………. c) 1, 1, 2, 6, 24,....

A hotel has 100 bedrooms .15% have baths and showers, 17% have showers only and 50% have wash basins.60% of the rooms are double whilst the rest are single. Which of the following statements can you be absolutely certain is true?

A man began a letter in code. In code each letter was substituted by the next in each series (e.g. write D for C) and the vowels were omitted. His coding machine was faulty however, and not only were the vowels left in, but five consonants were omitted (marked*).However, the same sequence was followed as planned. Break the code and read the message. *FB* *F*B*F* B       *f**BHF     *P      *F**       ZPV

Which of the following series of letters, if  fit into the brackets below, give two more words in each case. The first letter is filled in to start you off. RUN    (T)     RAIN NO      (  )     RITE ANT    (   )     EITHER RAVE (   )      ON SIN      (   )     NIGHT COW   (   )     ICE WAG   (   )    VERY

A stroke keeper has a pair of balance scales but no weights. He has a variety of tins in the store, each marked with its weight which he accepts as accurate. One tin of salmon weighs 3oogms. One tin of beans weighs 475 gms. One tin of sardine’s weighs 50 gms.One tin of biscuits weighs 1 kilo. A customer requests a bag of potatoes marked 2.7 kg, but requests that he checks its weight. What is the least number of tins he can use to check the weight and what are they?

An elephant eats 25 tons of hay in a week whilst its baby eats only half as much. The zoo has two elephants. Unfortunately, one week, the keeper was delivered only 25 tons of hay, but managed to feed both the elephants fully on it. How was this possible?

A car loses one pint of soil every 100 miles travelled and its sump is full, containing ten pints of oil. The engine will overheat and the car will stop if the oil level in the sump drops below one pint. How many extra pints of oil will the driver have to by, in order to complete a journey of 1,000 miles?

A woodcutter with an axe, saw, petrol, and matches, enters a forest, He can cut down pine trees with his axe, but cannot use his saw on these. The saw and axe however work beautifully well on oak trees without any detrimental effect to either implement. The elm trees are diseased, and unlike the other trees can be burnt, or felled with either implement. There are twenty pine trees, fifteen oak trees and ten elm trees. Assuming that the woodcutter’s axe needs re-sharpening after cutting down ten pine trees or six elm trees and his saw breaks after the first ten trees felled, what is the maximum number he can clear until he needs new equipment?

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    A shopkeeper has 40kgs of sweets with him.A customer can ask any desired weight of it between 1 to 40 kgs and the shopkeeper has to sell it but he has only 4 weighing stones with him with which he has to serve for any weight asked by the customer.He can use any number of stones on the balance at a time.What are weights of the stones which he has with him?
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