Target ICSE Comprehensive Quiz for class ten students – I

Please read the following carefully before starting the Test: ICSE Class ten Quiz

smile This Quiz consists of one or more MCQs in the following subjects:

English I | English II | Physics | Chemistry | Biology | History & Civics | Geography

smile This Quiz is meant for class 10 ICSE students

smile Try to complete the test in 20 minutes

mixed You can take the Test as many times as you want

thoughtful There are 25 Multiple Choice Questions

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tongueout In some questions, more than one option can be correct. Click all the right options

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QUESTION 1 Pulmonary artery and coronary artery respectively carry

QUESTION 2 Spruce tree is found in

QUESTION 3 A loudspeaker is directed at a large building 120m from it. What is the interval between a sound and the echo.Velocity of sound= 320m/s

QUESTION 4 Preparation of Lead chloride is a

QUESTION 5 Which of the following soils is retentive of moisture:

QUESTION 6 Pick the odd one out: Spleen , thymus, tonsil, pancreas

QUESTION 7 Surendranath Banerjee established

QUESTION 8 When an atom of 16N (Atomic number = 7) emits a beta particle, what is it transformed into?

QUESTION 9 The isotope of the element that contains 6 protons, 6 electrons and 7 neutrons is commonly referred to as is:

QUESTION 10 Who among these is a moderate leader?

QUESTION 11 Which of the following does not represent oxidation?


Label the parts marked 1 to 5.


QUESTION 13 The Treaty of Versailles was signed on:

QUESTION 14 Which of the following crops is cultivated by the broadcasting method?

QUESTION 15 Which of the following ports is a worldclass port equipped with modern facilities?

QUESTION 16 Which of the following examples of lever belong to the third order?

QUESTION 17 Jane and Debbie saw dolphins __ the ocean while they were having a picnic ___ the beach.

QUESTION 18 A 200kg automobile accelerates from rest to 10m/s in 10 secs. The force on the automobile is?

QUESTION 19 A hotel has 100 bedrooms .15% have baths and showers, 17% have showers only and 50% have wash basins.60% of the rooms are double whilst the rest are single. Which of the following statements can you be absolutely certain is true?

QUESTION 20 Who was the last Peshwa in India?

QUESTION 21 Who is the author of "The road not taken"

QUESTION 22 The character named Barina occurs in which of the following short stories.

QUESTION 23 Name the writ which is issued by a Superior court to a subordinate court in case they refuse to exercise their jurisdiction and fail to perform their duty.

QUESTION 24 Choose the odd one out: Glottis, Asphyxia, Asthma, Cretinism

QUESTION 25 The property of Carbon to form long chains is called

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