Target ICSE Comprehensive Quiz for class ten students – III

Please read the following carefully before starting the Test: This Quiz is meant for class 10 ICSE students

smile This Quiz consists of one or more MCQs in the following subjects:

English I | English II | Physics | Chemistry | Biology | History & Civics | Geography | Mathematics

smile This Quiz is meant for class 10 ICSE students

smile Try to complete the test in 15 minutes

mixed You can take the Test as many times as you want

thoughtful There are 20 Multiple Choice Questions

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tongueout In some questions, more than one option can be correct. Click all the right options

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Question 1 Loops of wire in a motor rotate because a:

Question 2 In what ratio is the line joining the points (3,8) and (-1,2) divided by the point (-7/3,0)?

Question 3 What is the maximum membership of the Bidhan Sabha?

Question 4 Chemically male and female sex hormones are

Question 5 Which of the following is the executive body of the UNO?

Question 6 Five equal squares are placed side by side to make a single rectangle whose perimeter is 276 cm. Find the number of square cm of the area of each square.

Question 7 HCl gas is dried using

Question 8 In a circuit two cells of 1.5 V and 2.0 Volts e.m.f. having internal resistance 1 ohm and 2 ohm respectively are connected in parallel so as send the current in the same direction through external resistance of 5 ohm. The current is:

Question 9 The primary role of the proximal convoluted tubule is?

Question 10 Synapse is a term to denote the bonding of

Question 11 Sam _______ in San Diego a week ago.

Question 12 The term Bashkir refers to

Question 13 Amount of rainfall needed to grow rice

Question 14 Maximum electron affinity is possessed by

Question 15 First law of thermodynamics gives:

Question 16 The kids are learning about the Civil War __ their history class __ school.

Question 17 Brass is an alloy of:

Question 18 Hirakud dam is built on which of the following rivers?

Question 19 Copper sulphate in excess of ammonium hydroxide gives:

Question 20 Which of the following persons was not a "moderate"?

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