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ICSE Objective Maths: Quiz 1

Five equal squares are placed side by side to make a single rectangle whose perimeter is 276 cm. Find the number of square cm of the area of each square.

Find the least fraction which is greater than 12/17 and has its denominator greater by 13 than its numerator.

If two sides of a triangle are sqrt 3+1 and sqrt 3-1 and the included angle is 60 degrees, the third side is

P is the point in the line segment AB, such that AP:PB=3:2. If A is (1,2) and B is (4,5), find the coordinates of the point P.

The father is 32 yrs old and his son is 5. How many years will pass before the father is 10 times older than the son?

A  given circle circumscribes a square of side 8. What is the area of the circle.

Two numbers x and y are such that x=y^2. If y is increased by 10%, then x is…

The four lines ax+by +c=0 and ax-by-c=0 enclose a rhombus whose area is:

A man sells two instruments for 2,400.00 each. He makes a profit of 20% on the cost price for the first but for the second he has a loss of 20% of the cost price. How much did he gain/loss in the business in Rs.

In what ratio is the line joining the points (3,8) and (-1,2) divided by the point (-7/3,0)?

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14 Responses to “ICSE Objective Maths: Quiz 1”

  1. Rishav says:

    good quiz! Bit tough but that’s what I like!

  2. sukriti says:

    I want more revision for maths & also for computer application.

  3. admin says:

    Sorry we cannot post revisions in elective subjects, but we have a lot of revision coming up in maths!

  4. name says:

    very intelligent quiz my brains go mad with dis

  5. komal says:

    brains gt stuck…dt was a nyc quiz..
    cud u plz upload sum more..

  6. sankha says:

    very nice sums.It can be useful for my exams.Please add some more.

  7. Aditya says:

    Good questions

  8. RIYA SEN says:


  9. malobeka says:

    it were quite tricky questions!!

  10. sri lekha says:

    thats a good quiz. thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  11. nachus says:

    it was a tricky as well as tough quiz…. but anyway i enjoyed it..
    and could please show the explanations of this answers????

  12. TANU says:

    that’s a perfect revision

  13. TANU says:


  14. Sagar says:

    The questions were really good for solving!!!! n I like to solve this type of question

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