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ICSE Objective Biology- Quiz2

Some air which remains in the lungs after the exhalation is referred to as:

Which of the following is secreted at the ends of nerve fibres?

Enzymes of oxidative phosphorylation are present in

If complex carbohydrates are to be absorbed into cells, they must be converted into

Human cells which use large amounts of energy may be expected to contain a relatively large number of

Mendelian recombinations are due to

Genetic disorder develops due to

DDT is

Which of the following is not a part of chlorophyll?

Which one of the following leaves would dry up last?

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28 Responses to “ICSE Objective Biology- Quiz2”

  1. priyanshu says:

    nice objective ques .
    he/she have good practice of bio

  2. vishwanathan says:

    i request u to give more number of questions in each quiz……….covering more chapters


  3. admin says:

    Yes will do that soon… before every exam a load of revision questions and answers will be added…! :)

  4. sunita says:

    plz chek out da options of da last ques

  5. Sakhi says:

    Sunita, while the leaf may not transpire at all if both surfaces are greased, it will eventually dry up.

  6. safffffaaaaa says:

    Sir is”best of five”rule for icse students????

    sorry to ask question out of bio topic…..bt itz imp…..

  7. Moomi says:

    the quiz was very good
    sir, I request u to add more questions plzzz…

  8. admin says:

    From which chapter do you want more questions?

  9. katty gal says:

    a verrrrrrry good way 2 revise…..

    thnx sir..

  10. vidur says:

    sir , could you please put up a quiz on reproductive system
    thank you sir….this quiz acts as a good revision

  11. Dexter says:

    nice revision methods, but it’ll be better if you could leave out the questions that are out of syllabus,

  12. Yashvardhan says:

    helps a lot ! ! thank you admin ! ! :)

  13. gracy says:

    sir…can u plzz explain exactly wat is sugar concentration and pottasium concentration theory is????

  14. admin says:

    Please post questions in the Forum

  15. notty boy says:

    hmmm….nice way 2 revise……cool site….i wish i could hv visitd this site a little bit early b4 xms….

  16. simran says:

    excellent website and add more free quizzes

  17. saria says:

    nice one …

  18. johncena says:

    dear admin,
    this is a wonderful way of revising, but please add more questions to help students like us better….

  19. RIA says:


  20. nilanjan says:

    very goood

  21. aakarshita says:

    thanx for makng such a mind twisting n perplex quiz. plz do add more questions

  22. amol verma says:

    i love this site!!!!

  23. AADIL says:


  24. david says:

    gOoD qUeStIoNzzz…..!! :D

  25. john says:


  26. puja ghosh says:

    verryy nice

  27. sangam shrivastava says:

    I know the vale of this kind of question thisr are the real good question for madical students

  28. sandy says:

    lv it

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