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ICSE Objective Biology Quiz 3


Synapse is a term to denote the bonding of

Name the yellowish pigment developed by the plants in the absence of light.

Blood groups are classified depending upon the type of antigens present in /on-

In humans, the vocal cords are located in the

Name the functional unit of the kidney

The chromosomes do not occur in pairs in the

The brain is covered by membranes called

The heart sound “dup” is produced when

The different respiratory steps are controlled by

A colour-blind daughter will be born when

If the kidneys are not working properly which of the following substances will quickly build up in dangerous amounts in blood?

Which part of the sperm enters into an ovum during fertilization?

A baby starts its development from-

Water plants usually have well developed-

Pulmonary artery and coronary artery respectively carry

Effector in a reflex arc is

The pulse pressure is the

Regulation of water in the body is called

Which of the following is responsible for guttation?

Which of the following is/are not necessary for respiration in plants?

If a boy’s father has haemophilia and his mother has one gene for haemophilia, what is the chance that the boy will inherit the disease?

A colour blind man marries a carrier woman. What would be the ratio of carrier daughters, colour blind daughters, normal sons and colour blind sons in F1 generation?

The four elements that make up 99% of all elements found in a living system are:

The possible gametes of TTYy will contain the genes:

Wounding of plant organs result in:

If carbon dioxide contents of the atmosphere is as high as 300 parts per million:

A wooden peg is hammered into a rock. It is seen that the rock is broken into pieces after sometime. This is due to:

How many mitotic divisons must occur in a cell of a root tip to form 128 cells?

In which organism hormones are absent?

The site Krebs cycle is

The series of reactions which result in sequential breakdown of glucose molecules to form two molecules of pyruvic acid and which does not require oxygen is

The experiment to show that Carbon Dioxide is necessary for photosynthesis is called

If a reduced oxygen molecule supply weakens the heart cells but does not actually kill them the condition is called

There is no nucleus in the human RBC because

Separation of the two chromatids of a chromosome takes place during which phase of mitosis?

Chemically male and female sex hormones are

The first stable compound of photosynthesis is

The hormone which prepares the uterus for the implantation of the fertilized ovum is

The conduction of nerve impulse along the nerves is due to _________ phenomenon.

Oxygen liberated in photosynthesis is due to

In vasectomy operation which of the following is removed?

256 microspores will be formed by meiosis of how many mother cells?

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24 Responses to “ICSE Objective Biology Quiz 3”

  1. sunita says:

    sir…………1)during fertilisation only the head enters the ovum.plz check ur answer
    2)sepration of two chromatids takes place during anaphase and not prophase
    3)how many mitotic divisions must occur in a cell of a root tip to form 128 cell?ans– 7 plz can u explain how.

    thnx in advance

  2. Sakhi says:

    Hi, I just had some doubts.

    Q. 32
    Separation of the two chromatids of a chromosome takes place during which phase of mitosis?

    * Prophase
    * Anaphase

    Wouldn’t this be anaphase??

    Q. 36 The first stable compound of photosynthesis is

    * Glucose
    * Starch
    Isn’t this PGA?

  3. Moomi says:

    the quiz was good ….but….some of the questions were out of syllabus
    plz check it sir..

  4. admin says:

    PGA is the first stable product of the Calvin Cycle. Here the question asks about the first final stable product.

  5. admin says:

    For 1) it should be head 2) answer shd be anaphase 3) plz put the question in the forum
    thnx for the corrections. changes are being updated.

  6. Dexter says:

    Cardiovascular is in class NINE syllabus. please check.

  7. Sakhi says:

    So if asked for the first stable product of photosynthesis what should we write?

  8. admin says:


  9. Sakhi says:


  10. car1234 says:

    y r there questions on circulatory system…..????
    v dont ve circulatory system in the 2010 syllabus…

  11. Alvin says:


  12. SUBHAM says:


  13. johncena says:

    it’s one of the best ways of revisin it’s jus wonderfull

  14. dipti says:

    for that haemophilia one…….why isn’t d answer 75%…..pls i want an explanation…..
    Thank you.

  15. admin says:

    Please post your questions in the Forum

  16. Aayushi says:

    it was interesting

  17. bharath says:


  18. harsh says:

    Your entire website is just awesome..it really helped me a lot..Thanks..:)

  19. rohit says:

    awesome site

  20. sri lekha says:

    that was a very good quiz.thank you:)

  21. RUDRANI says:


  22. Anusha says:

    @Sunita :)

    One mitotic division produces 2 cells, 2nd division will form 4 cells, 3rd division forms 8 cells, 4th division forms 16 cells, 5th division forms 32 cells, 6th division forms 64 cells and the 7th division will form 128 cells.

  23. puja ghosh says:

    nice questions sir

  24. manish says:

    what is meant by one gene for haemophilia of the mother!
    will you explain me sir ?

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