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ICSE Objective Biology Quiz1

Name the cells of the retina that are sensitive to color.

Potometer is used to measure

At birth a female child has about_______ folllicles in her ovaries.

Which organ in the human body regulates the quantity of nutrients flowing in the general blood circulation.

Name the substance which induces the production of antibodies that are able to bind to the antigen.

Our body produces_________ number of antibodies.

The basic unit of the human brain is.......

When diffusion from cell to outside takes place through a semi-permeable membrane, it is called

If the concentration of water molecules and the solute on either side of the cell membrane is the same, the solution is said to be_______

One cell may contain ___________ number of chloroplasts.

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50 Responses to “ICSE Objective Biology Quiz1”

  1. indra says:

    This is a great revision

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Indra.. We are going to upload more objective tests soon. Keep watching!

  3. udit says:

    thanx for this fabulous quiz
    keep rocking!!!!!!!

  4. Aparna says:

    the quiz was gud….some more questions need to be added…..
    questions which are not in syllabus have been asked…
    pls check that….cause that will not let us know our real abilities or knowledge for the exams…

  5. donna says:

    it was a gud quis!!!!!!

  6. afia says:

    its great : it would be good if u add some more questions

  7. Abir Ghosh says:

    Its great to test your preparation. But some questions are outside syllabus.

  8. SHUBHAM says:

    cool questions…………….its knowledge with fun!!!!!!

  9. vishwanathan says:

    god bless this site………the best for students

  10. jawali says:

    D quiz was awesome but……… few questions were out of portion

  11. sunita says:

    nice quiz but 1 or 2 q’s out of syllabus

  12. anmol says:

    plz post revision questions for bio….

  13. SS says:

    It is a quick revision and it helps us to know how much we are prepared.

  14. Moomi says:

    very nice quiz. thank you targeticse, i really like this site
    plz include more questions

  15. admin says:

    Biology Quiz 3 has been added

  16. mcd gal says:

    marbulous!!!!a vry nice way 2 revise……
    loads of thnks….

  17. clement says:

    Good One Really tough

  18. Yashvardhan says:

    thanks a ton ! ! :-)

  19. mishri says:

    nice quiz, it helped me in my exam

  20. mishri says:

    i have scored 9 out of 10

  21. khushboo says:

    nice 1…..

  22. nidhi says:


  23. RIA says:

    its a great quiz and very helpful for my rivision……….pls do add soemore questions which will be helpful to us…..thank u once again………

  24. RIA says:

    really great……helped me to score 90% in the pre tests……..thanksssssss a lot

  25. RIA says:

    i am need of some new questions pls di give some more important questions before icse 2011

  26. reshma says:

    its a great revision.very useful.

  27. aakarshita says:

    its damn cool with quite perplexed questions

  28. Aayushi says:

    it was simply outstanding & awesome

  29. suhas says:

    great revision. i sincerely thnk the quiz creator

  30. bala guru says:

    this revision had create me a alot.i would thank a target icse.co.in

  31. poojitha says:

    hai sir its soooooooooooooo gooooooood sir its thrilling and easy also

  32. poojitha says:

    your ques r brilliant

  33. sudheer says:

    wat a quiz ! welldone!

  34. sri lekha says:

    that’s a very good revision.please add some more questions……

  35. mariam says:

    nice revision i will like to have more

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  38. pragati says:

    nice question i enjoy it
    very nice wao…………… i want some more new questions

  39. Thank you Admin,
    I like it very much!

  40. rohitpatro says:

    it’s a gud test for me… thansks for making this types of quiz hope you will upload more question … grt work..

  41. monica says:

    it ws really a nice 1 before d boards..thnss..n hope u will upload more..:)

  42. Aditya says:

    Its more than a last moment revision!

  43. admin says:

    Thanks Aditya! All the best!

  44. sumith says:

    i cant believe that i got 10 of 10 in first time :-D

  45. chaitanya says:

    it is a good revision

  46. qanita says:

    hey this was cool!!!!!!!!!
    it was fun!

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  48. chandrima says:

    great revision and hell lot of fun!!!!!!!

  49. Sumit Subodh says:

    ICSE is simply the best….nd the quiz too!!!

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