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ICSE Civics Objective Test- Quiz1

Questions Updated!


In regard to Non-Money Bills,

According to the constitution the President has the following powers:

State whether the following is true or false: The Supreme Court is the guardian of Fundamental Rights of the citizens.

Can the Supreme Court grant special leave to appeal by itself?

A Money Bill can be introduced in Parliament without the prior consent of the President. This statement is

If a Financial Emergency is declared, the President

The Union Ministers are collectively responsible to

The Quorum of the Lok Sabha is __________ of its total membership.

Yielding of the floor implies that the Speaker of the House asks a particular member of the House to

______________ is the head of the Union Government and all executive orders are issued in his name.

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  1. sukriti says:

    Plz send important question followed with answers of Mathematics.

  2. SS says:

    Please update the quiz of civics regarding the new syllabes

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    plz update q’s that r in syllabus

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    plez give hard, word probs in maths……..smething like that of iit

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    Both have equal powers

  6. aditya says:

    plz send me more questions

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    plz send me more questions of history and civics

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    plz send some more questions like this.
    thank you

  9. sayali says:

    it helps alot n its good 4 checn our ability.

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    its helpful in making our own asessment that how much we know.. :)

  11. chandrima says:

    civics in the form of a quiz is great fun!!!!!!!

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