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ICSE Civics Objective Test – Quiz 2


By whom and on whose advice is the State Council of Ministers appointed?

Who appoints the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

To whom is the council of Ministers of a state responsible?

Name the highest court dealing with civil cases at the district level.

Who is the ex-officio chairperson of the Rajya Sabha?

Who is the presiding officer of the Vidhan Sabha?

What is the term of office of the Prime Minister?

Who can establish a common High Court for two or more states?

Who appoints the Chief Minister of a state?

Who can increase and decrease the number of judges of the Supreme Court?

Who appoints the Judges of the Supreme Court of India?

Which body has the final authority to interpret the constitution of India?

Name the highest Criminal Court in a district.

What is the maximum gap allowed between two parliamentary sessions?

Who administers the oath of office to the Governor?

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10 Responses to “ICSE Civics Objective Test – Quiz 2”

  1. vishwanathan says:

    how can the final authority of interpreting the constitution be supreme court?
    any bill i.e laws should be passed in both the houses….;.then the president signs it and makes it a law…………in this process how is the supreme court involved?
    if i am wrong plez correct me

  2. admin says:

    Please refer to the Judicial Review Powers of the Supreme Court. It says: The Supreme Court is the guardian of the constitution. It can declare laws, executive orders and ordinances null and void if there are found to be inconsistent with the provisions of the Constitution.

  3. vishwanathan says:

    thank you very much i got it

  4. sunita says:

    nice quiz keep it up :D

  5. Rishav says:

    Mind blowing Quiz!Even the revision was excellent.Really helped me a lot.Thanks!!

  6. arpita says:

    very nice question. i liked it.

  7. prathap says:

    a very good way to attempt to prepare for exams can u please set more such questions

  8. Aruneet Dutta says:

    nice quiz.these quizes certainly help in preparation

  9. Student says:

    Its just awesome. Thank u. Plz contine your service to students

  10. chandrima says:

    it was fabulous!!!!!!

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