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History Objective Quiz1

Who among these is a moderate leader?

In which year the Indian National Congress was established?

Surendranath Banerjee established

Who wrote Poverty UN –British Rule In India?

During whose regime the Illbert Bill controversy occurred?

In which year Queen Victoria took the Proclamation?

Who was the last Peshwa in India?

Who passed the Vernacular Press Act passed and when?

Who wrote Anand Math?

Name the First President of Indian National Congress?

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30 Responses to “History Objective Quiz1”

  1. afia says:

    good one

  2. Jazz says:

    ” It is quite gooooooood .”

  3. saurabh says:

    It has been written in my book that last peshwa was nana sahib! the adopted son of baji rao2

  4. admin says:

    That is wrong. Baji Rao 2 was the last Peshwa.

  5. sunita says:


  6. ghanshyam says:

    good, please keep it up

  7. Sindhura says:

    awesome quiz thx admin !

  8. SS says:


  9. Moomi says:

    very good revision… thanks a lot sir.!.

  10. sunita says:

    yay 10 on 10 nice quiz

  11. sunita says:

    plz put more questions

  12. aishwarya says:

    juss too gud ……

  13. vaishali says:

    very good revision.

  14. nilanjana says:

    its very helpful

  15. harshit says:

    brilliant initiative, kudos!

  16. sasmita says:

    it is excellent. keeps knowledge up to date. good one for preparing any competitive examination.

  17. Aayushi says:

    Its good but please add some more questions as per ICSE syllabus. It was quiet simple.

  18. nisha malhotra says:


  19. Nitesh says:

    Very helpful 4 testing knowledge!!!!!!!thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Nitesh Kumar Suman says:


  21. saket shivam says:

    nice quiz. I like it.

  22. anusha says:

    awesome it totally helped me while i was revising

  23. sayali says:

    it was very nice

  24. sayali says:

    very good

  25. Vaibhav Agarwal says:

    Nice quiz but I would like to draw the attention of the authorities and most respectful teachers that the first question’s answer seems to be wrong……Gopal Krishan Gokhale was a moderate leader but so was WC Bannerjee…..I would like to request the teachers to see in the matter and make suitable rectifications.

  26. Mishel Jyothis Paul says:

    Good one. thanks

  27. puja ghosh says:

    so good

  28. Penang says:

    The quiz was good

  29. Khalid says:

    You need to be able to describe the foiwollng tests (that may not be clear in the specification):testing for reducing and non reducing sugars (ie the above mentioned Benedicts test)testing for starchtesting for lipidstesing for proteins.There is an excellent summary sheet outlining all you need to know to the specification for all of the above. ASK YOUR BIOLOGY TEACHER FOR THIS ASAP. Then stick in your textbook as you do the specification.Brilliant stuff LT.

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