Target ICSE Comprehensive Quiz for class ten students – II

Please read the following carefully before starting the Test:  Target ICSE Comprehensive Quiz for class ten students

smile This Quiz consists of one or more MCQs in the following subjects:

English I | English II | Physics | Chemistry | Biology | History & Civics | Geography | Mathematics

smile This Quiz is meant for class 10 ICSE students

smile Try to complete the test in 20 minutes

mixed You can take the Test as many times as you want

thoughtful There are 25 Multiple Choice Questions

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Question 1 The power of Casting Vote rests with:

Question 2 Which of the following is True?

Question 3 Which of the following is a theme of "As You Like It"

Question 4 The difference between umbilical cord and palcenta is :

Question 5 A woodcutter with an axe, saw, petrol, and matches, enters a forest, He can cut down pine trees with his axe, but cannot use his saw on these. The saw and axe however work beautifully well on oak trees without any detrimental effect to either implement. The elm trees are diseased, and unlike the other trees can be burnt, or felled with either implement. There are twenty pine trees, fifteen oak trees and ten elm trees. Assuming that the woodcutter’s axe needs re-sharpening after cutting down ten pine trees or six elm trees and his saw breaks after the first ten trees felled, what is the maximum number he can clear until he needs new equipment?

Question 6 Which of the following is True?

Question 7 Serum gives ……………

Question 8 In West Bengal and Assam the local wind blowing in the middle of May is known as:

Question 9 Pine oil used in froth floatation process is:

Question 10 Which of the following is an example of personification?

Question 11 The father is 32 yrs old and his son is 5. How many years will pass before the father is 10 times older than the son?

Question 12 In mammals the corpus callosum connects:

Question 13 In the poem "To India my native land" the poet represents India as:

Question 14 A hollow cylinder and a solid cylinder of same mass and radius are made to slide down down an inclined plane, which one reaches the bottom first?

Question 15 Coal is found in:

Question 16 When the resistance of the conductor is increased the current will:

Which of the following trees is used for making railway sleepers:

Question 18 Which of the following couples in As You Like it does not represent Romantic love

Question 19 Reaction of sodium acetate with soda lime will give

Question 20 In an earth satellite the astronaut stands on a platform balance. His weight as indicated by the balance will be

Question 21 In "As You Like it", the forest of Arden represents

Question 22 The Bandung Conference was held in:

Question 23 "His mother worked in a white person's house and he had two brothers and two sisters. His brothers were Richard and Dickie and his sisters Anna and Mina". Who is he?

Question 24 The leading producer of magnesium in India

Question 25 Night of the scorpion is a poem about

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