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tkbI have been hearing for sometime about the new online coaching concept – ‘Target ICSE’ for the students of Class IX and Class X who are preparing for ICSE examinations.  Gradually, I became interested in knowing more about the subject and I involved myself in going deep into the system. What I discovered was a totally new concept – a concept that could work wonders for uplifting the quality of study of Indian school students.  Of course, the study has been made possible due to my friend, Ms Paromita Sengupta, PhD who is the backbone of ‘Target ICSE’.

Being a Chartered Secretary, I was in company administration during a major part of my service career when I was little bit accustomed with the western concept – LMS (Learning Management System) mainly applied to the junior and mid management staff.  I am delighted to learn that Target ICSE has implemented LMS in its online teaching technique which is unique in guiding the students.

Here, in India, there is no doubt that the school syllabi are considerably heavy and the question pattern is not fully objective.  Due to this process, more time is spent by the students in reading the text books and reference books rather than in applying their grey cells in culturing the subjects they are studying.  Another area of wastage of time and perhaps more harmful – wastage of energy, is the running back and forth of students to the private tutors for supplementing their knowledge.  They get little or no time to generate their own questions arising out of what they learn.  They require a cosy atmosphere with comfortable time to do this.

If a student adopts online coaching, he/she will be able to get the cosy atmosphere in his/her homes and can utilise the saved time and energy in cultivating their knowledge.  Target ICSE has a panel of most skilfully trained and highly educated teachers (some of whom possess Doctoral Degrees) who have pledged themselves in scientifically preparing the coaching materials and stages.  Target ICSE also pledges to solve individual queries forthwith, which, in turn, is likely to generate interest in the students as they realise that they are being given individual attention.  This has psychologically a positive effect on the mind of the students resulting in their deep involvement in the respective subjects.  The effect is definitely far reaching.images

In earlier days, number of students was small and there was little or no competition in education field.  The students were used to get personal attention from the teachers as and when required.  As a result, the students not only made brilliant results, but they actually turned out to be brilliant minds.

In the present day, the entire scenerio has changed out-of-proportion.  Competition amongst the students, because of population outburst, has become the bain of education system culminating in fastest method of learning.  However, we are now blessed with computer technology, the benefit of which Target ICSE is utilising wittingly to impart scientific guidance to the ICSE students online.

I have also examined the cost side of the Target ICSE online coaching and found it quite cost effective.  In my opinion, this will curtail the expenses such as, reference books cost, travelling expenses, private tutors’ fees etc.

Lastly, the benefit of reviewing the views of other students online is the bonus available to all those who choose this very modern and scientific mode of learning.

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