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ICSE- There is no shorcut!

ICSE the first board exam for ICSE school students, their papers to be examined by unknown board examiners. A far cry from the safety net of familiar school teachers reading your answer sheets and marking and grading your performance. Enough to give butterlies in the stomachs of the youngsters preparing for the examination. Nights of coffee and staying awake and evening tuitions and calling up friends for moral support as the days for the examination approaches.
In my opinion, ICSE, with its very comprehensive syllabus that I would rate as extensive as well as intensive is not a cakewalk, and there is no short-cut to success in these kind of exams. But it is not possible to master everything. So in my opinion, the students should form a bird’s eye view of the entire syllabus with some basic knowledge covering the entire course in all subjects. They should make a point to be consistent throughout the year with their homework and lessons so that they grasp the main fundamentals of their syllabus.
But as the countdown to examinations approach, they should begin to get more selective and focus on certain areas which they feel they could score good marks in. However this selective aprroach should also be somewhat broad-based so as to allow for them to cover a range of questions set by the Board. They should take care that they are not left with a situation where they are faced with questions to which they have no answers. To get a good idea, I believe it would help them if they got hold of the past several years’ ICSE question-answer books and made a through note of the pattern of questions. That would give them a good idea on how much to cover selectively and with intense focus and concentration. And since they always offer a variety of choices so they can objectively decide on how to narrow down intelligently and safely of their selection process of how much to focus on which are.
And if the students maintain a regular study pattern and follow a disciplined approach towards their preparation, I don’t think the impending examination will appear so frightening after all. In fact as the youngsters continue their systematic preparation, they may even begin to look at the approaching examination with a sense of challenge and and an addictive desire to excel.
Last but not the least, it is imperative to maintain very good health before and during the examination. So as your exams approach, make sure to eat right, sleep right and take proper care of yourself. So if you study in a systematic, regular way and maintain a disciplined, healthy lifestyle, as you will have to think clearly during the examinations, you are another big step closer to success. Avoid nervousness and feeling tense, hyper or pressurized. Set your objectives and realistic targets, be dedicated and make the exam preparation an enticing challenge that you are committed to fulfilling and winning. Make the preparation meaningful and fun, as your first stepping stone to your future success in the world. Good Luck!

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