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ICSE- Some tips for the final days before the exam


How to Study Before Your ICSE Exam? is a million dollar question. Well the answer is no secret. Just try to be relaxed and that will bring out the best in you. Follow these simple rules and you will rock the ICSE exam!

1. Make a realistic commitment to study and create a schedule for ICSE. The schedule should be self made. Follow the schedule strictly.

2. Divide the learning into short periods of time. Take little rest after each study lesson.

3. Read by understanding instead of cramming. It certainly helps you during ICSE exam period.

4. Go through the entire chapter or notes which are important from the ICSE exam point of view. Highlight the important points. This will help you at the time of rapid revision.

5. Learning is enhanced when you are relaxed. So, before starting your study take time for relaxation. You may spend little time for walking or for playing or whatever helps you to relax and it will reduce the tension of ICSE exam.

6. Take notes, self test, ask questions and meet with your companions for group discussion. Group discussion will show your progress and help you to enhance your confidence for ICSE exam.

7. After reading (memorizing) write your notes in your own words for easy understanding in times of revising it will help students to do well in ICSE.

8. Review the main concepts every day and again after every week. This will help you to record information as a long term memory.

By Koushik Bhattacharjee,


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15 Responses to “ICSE- Some tips for the final days before the exam”

  1. pratik says:

    better needs to improve his way of helping

  2. Ankit.S says:


  3. thanx 4 ur suggestion, but ICSE is horrible

  4. admin says:

    Why Shd ICSE be horrible… With a slightly planned approach it’s a rather easy exam !!! :)

  5. koundinya says:

    thanks for your suggestion i can guess how experienced you are .please bless me for exams .i am from SAINT FRANCIS MTM AP.i wish you guiding your students well.i wish them all the best.have a nice day.

  6. Mrs. B says:

    I feel the best thing to do is to go through the previous years papers topic by topic while studying, rather than planning to ‘read’ the chapters and falling off to sleep mid way! Keep your targets small and reward yourself for every target achieved.
    All the best.

  7. hamshini says:

    good document.this gives courage and confidence for the students.this also reduces the exam tension.

  8. pavs says:

    thank u for d great suggestions u have given.hi…………….. fRnDs AlL ThE BEST FoR Ur XaMs

  9. anu says:

    bravo…..bravo….all the best 4 boards dudes

  10. akshay says:

    thaks 4 a vrey gud suggestion……..

  11. Alice says:

    As I’m going to sit for the ICSE this time, thanx for ur tips…….I would like to get some more of them.

  12. swapnika says:

    would you advice us to revice all the chapters before exam or just solve specimen papers??

  13. admin says:

    Hi Swapnika,

    A bit of both is advised.. You should revise those chapters which are important and from which you find it difficult to answer questions in the sample papers.

    All the best!

  14. Shamik Chatterjee says:

    thank you very much…….these tips r very handy ofcourse…….bt im a bit scared coz dnt knw wat will b the outcome nd the main fact iz my career depends on it……which makes it more fearful

  15. Yash Beria says:

    Hey … thnx 4 ur suggestion … Its really helpful … For papers like physics , chem and bio what should be our procedure ???… I mean i want a short procedure to crack these papers … I want to make the most of it ….

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