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Sample papers are just that, sample papers. They are a guide to the actual examination but can never be the ultimate thing. However it cannot be denied that the importance of model test papers has increased considerably over the years. The main reason is perhaps the higher rate of competition among students and aspiration for higher grades.
Since ICSE or class 10 finals is the first major examination in the life of a student, most depend on sample ICSE test papers. Infact creating these sample ICSE test papers has become tougher than the real papers! Most tutors or tutorials that impart education to board examinees insist on creating perfect sample ICSE test papers. A lot of research is conducted before the actual questions are created. Experience does play a major role here. The teachers or the examiners must know the pattern of subsequent examinations before forming sample ICSE test papers. The basic objective is to form sample ICSE test papers which are very similar to the original ones.
Though the rate of similarity between the real paper to be faced during the actual examination and the sample ICSE test papers might vary, most question setters try to have a cent percent similarity rate.
But then these sample ICSE test papers also play another major role. They provide the valuable practice to the students. Most students do not follow the watch while practicing for their examination. The direct result of this is their inability to complete the real papers on time, despite knowing the answers. These sample ICSE test papers provide them a time frame and a target and thus makes them complete the sample papers in time. This invariably creates a sense of time in most students who are serious.
Some experts are of the opinion that sample ICSE test papers must not be exact replicas of he real papers. The reason is simple. The sample ICSE test papers must provide maximum practice to the ICSE aspirants. The best way to do so is to have different and varied sets of questions so that the whole syllabus is completed. Since most students tend to do a selective study, these sample ICSE test papers would force them to read their texts well. Afterall there is no alternate to going over all the chapters more than once.
Also the varied sample ICSE test papers expose the students to multiple challenges, thus equipping then for any challenge that they might face in the real examination. Ofcourse the mater of these sample ICSE test papers must replicate the originals. The segmentation of the papers as well as the specific marks allotted to individual questions should not vary. This will otherwise create confusion among the students and they would not be acclimatized with the real pattern. The objective of the sample ICSE test papers would fail then!
The best advice to students that can be given is that sample ICSE test papers are great helps but they must be answered seriously, keeping the time factor in mind. Also solving few ICSE test papers would not help at all. Sustained practice with the sample ICSE test papers is the key to success!

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