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ICSE Online Tests

With more and more ICSE students realizing the importance of solving ICSE sample test papers and taking mock ICSE tests, online tests have arrived in a big way.

Online tests save a lot of time for the students as they are computerized and the students get results immediately after completing the tests. Many of these tests come in the form of MCQs and Quizzes which go a long way in determining the preparation level of students. Online Tests are certainly one of the best ways to brush up your revision. Online tests come with all the flexibility of all e-learning methods- you can take the tests any time you want to. Many tests have numbered attempts while many others have unlimited attempts allowed.

Most Online Tests not only give you the right answers but are also often accompanied by feedback regarding the same. Thus if your answer is wrong, you get to know where exactly you might have gone wrong and why.

Online tests are but a logical extension of online tutorials/ online coaching which is gathering a lot of popularity these days. Students have realized that is the best way to optimize their study time. Parents too understand that the world of internet can open new vistas of knowledge and learning for their children. ICSE Online tests are all set take your preparation and revision to the next higher level and are here to stay. E-learning is certainly the new mantra of success and the sooner one learns that the better are his/her prospects of a brilliant result in ICSE.

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6 Responses to “ICSE Online Tests”

  1. souvik says:

    this site is very good.i want some Icse online objective questions here.

  2. sandeep says:

    can we hav a test 4 chem?

  3. AVI GUPTA says:

    i like this site very much can I have a test of English language

  4. AVI GUPTA says:

    can I have a test of English language

  5. swagata says:

    cn we hv a test 4r chemistry nd bio ????????????????
    it wud b really hlpfl ………..

  6. zeenath kumar says:

    i like giving tests i want bio test

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