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ICSE Online Coaching

Gone are the days when ICSE students ran helter-skelter from one coaching/ tuition centre to another, hard-pressed for time and struggling to juggle tuition timings. These are smart days and who are smarter than ICSE students themselves who have discovered the many benefits of ICSE online coaching?

Online coaching allows students to sit in the comfort of their homes and log in to the tutorials. Students can log in from any computer at any time and fine-tune study hours according to the demands of their personal daily routine!

No more “adjusting” tuition timings according to the whims and fancies of tuition teachers. No more missing classes! Be it a cousin’s wedding or a ritual at home, you have no more tensions of “missing” classes. The classes are right in your grip, in your computer. So if you missed a schedule you can make up for it any time you want to!

One of the most important benefits of Online Coaching is that it does not “spoon feed” students. Rather, it encourages you to be self sufficient and interactive. You also have the double benefits of getting individual care as well as group study. The discussion forums make sure that you stay in the loop and remain updated about what your peers are studying and how.

The audio-visual aids are the icing on the cake. While books and blackboards only show you flat pictures, online tutorials bring to life the concepts and theories of physics and mathematics, the processes in biology and chemistry, the movements in geography, the characters in literature and history- in short every word, every concept assumes a new life for itself.

Online Coaching is certainly the smartest way to success in ICSE.

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  1. DOLLY GUPTA says:

    it is good. but is there any charges for enrolling in it and taking help.

  2. mayank mantri says:

    what are the charges

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