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ICSE – Importance of solving Sample Test Papers

Book markets are today flooded with model test papers. Not only for the ICSE candidates, question papers are available for each and every examination, be it IIT-JEE or a clerkship examination. Now the question is whether we really need to solve so many Model papers before writing the exam?

The answer provokes a debate.

I feel that by reading a text we often tend to overlook much information for it is humanly impossible that all information will equally stick in our mind. No matter how much you read, there might be some information which needs to be read between the lines. This is where the model papers play a very important role. At ICSE exam level some subjects like Chemistry, Physics, Geography have very good texts. But one needs to understand the examiner’s way of thinking. Solving ICSE model test papers help one to understand the type of the questions and the way they are asked in the examination. It is important to know the pattern of the examination too. Solving unsolved papers undoubtedly increase the practice and helps in gaining confidence.

Too much dependence on model test papers is however bad. You should read the text thoroughly and only then solve model ICSE sample papers. Skipping of chapters at the ICSE level based on the pattern of question for the last few years is not at all advisable. You should give equal importance to all chapters and should be prepared for any pattern in the actual questions. As you prepare for your ICSE 2010 examinations with the help of the sample papers available in www.targeticse.co.in, you must make it a point to solve these papers with respect to the time given in ICSE.

Let us now analyze the importance of solving ICSE Model test papers subject wise. For a subject like Mathematics, it is always advisable to solve as many papers as possible. It will help you in gaining confidence and expose you to a wider variety of problems. Is that not possible by solving problems from the text book? When you solve problems from the text book, you tend to concentrate on particular chapters. You are thinking of Theorems of Similar Triangles only and you are not thinking about quadratic equations. This is where model test papers in ICSE have their importance. While you are solving a test paper, you need to solve a Venn diagram and then solve a co-ordinate geometry problem. This makes your mind open and you can switch between topics at ease with practice. This will help you to score high marks in ICSE 2010.

Chemistry and Biology are subjects which have lots written between the lines. A typical question in model test paper can make you think on the principles of moment. If you have enough practice and cover a wide variety of questions, you do not need to think in the examination hall. You will answer with great ease and confidence.

What makes you score more than your friend? That is the question you should try to answer. You should have the edge over your friend so the examiner is bound to award high marks. This comes with practice and you will get the entire practice you require at www.targeticse.co.in in the form of ICSE sample papers.

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