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ICSE- Get Rid of the Phobia-thats the first condition to get a good score!

ICSE Phobia (Fear of Examination) is a painful experience for each and every student. It leaves you feeling unhappy, paranoid and worried. Under pressure to score high marks, you suspend all pleasure oriented activities. You do not go to the play ground to play; you do not watch T.V. you forget about going for the latest movies. You only remain busy with your books. You read while sipping a cup of tea; you go on reading while lying down in their beds. The ICSE Phobia touches the highest point on the night before the examination. And not only is it quite stressful for you, it also affects your performance in the exam.

Some positive steps may helpful to the students to reduce their stress and assist them in achieving their target. Following are some simple but effective steps to combat the so called ICSE Phobia:

1. Though the students are advised to prepare a time table and follow it regularly, very few students follow the advice and they, thus, become the victim of ICSE. So, in order to get rid of ICSE Phobia, make a time table for studying and follow the schedule strictly. You should keep in your mind that the schedule should be self-made.

2. Do physical exercises and meditation regularly. Those students who do not regularly indulge exercises or meditation are advised to bring about a slight change in their daily routine before the ICSE exams. Go early to bed and try to wake up as early as possible and do some physical exercises. Then sit quietly with your legs folded and close your eyes for at least half an hour. Try to concentrate on your papers or subjects you’ll be appearing for in the forthcoming examinations. Then try to evaluate your position, how much portion of your studies you have completed and how much portion remains incomplete. Now decide which topic or topics you want to complete on that very day. For some time you should focus on your studies. This will serve the purpose of meditation for meditation is nothing but keeping your focus on one particular thing and forgetting the rest.

3. Mock Tests are indeed helpful in this regard. So take mock tests. At the same time spare some time in-between your studies and try to imagine the day of your ICSE exam i.e. the exam-hall- situation.

4. Consult with your friends over phone. Make a group, if possible, and discuss with your friends. This will give you confidence.

5. Try to have enough sleep. Otherwise you’ll not concentrate or focus on studies.

6. Play some out-door game for 30-45 minutes and make your mind fresh.

Follow these simple steps. Most of all be relaxed and have faith in yourself. You will do very very well!

By Koushik Bhattacharjee

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