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A way to SEE the I.C.S.E

Indeed the time to sleep in one’s mother’s laps or to emulate one’s father’s heroic exploits of his childhood days sadly comes to a close. The first step into adolescence is heralded by the compelling board examinations. Play hours drastically shorten , peers get busy with studies and there seems to be no respite from the pressure as the I.C.S.E nears.

Almost a couple of months are left for the examination and parents must be very tensed during these few days. They hardly realize that kids have grown up and are responsible now. So why don’t all you students just shirk off the pressure and convince your parents that you will manage perfectly well. ‘How to do it’ must be the question that racks your brains. Lets start off with analysing how far you are prepared by now. Just scan through the I.C.S.E syllabus at hand and find out the clusters that you have already studied in schools or personally. They might have become vague by now , but one quick read will surely bring back the concepts.

So now you have a curtailed syllabus with you to finish off. Quickly make a schedule for the coming one month within which you can go through the rest. The load becomes lighter then. You will have an entire month left when you have already touched upon the whole syllabus. The commands to increase study hours during the last few months keep on bugging students. he best advice is not to burden oneself much but to regularize the study hours. It should likely be tailored for students according to their tenacity but if on an average one devotes eight hourss of concentrated study , he/she is sure to succeed, this is just to stir you up that eight hours each day leaves you with two forty hours in three months. That is definitely a huge bulk of time. So breathe easy and go steady! An important suggestion is not to do leave out anything from the syllabus while preparing for I.C.S.E examinations. It ought to be a two-pronged approach. While properly solving the questions for the last ten years gets you into the groove , depending on the set pattern please try not to skip any section . Particularly for mathematics I would say that intensive practice is the best panacea, because the question standards are very simple . Time management is the key to success. Maps, in geography , fetch a llot of marks and should be properly practiced. We often are intimidated by subjects like history or Bengali but they pour in high percentage that helps your aggregate to shoot up. the objectives in history, the little details like dates and names carry a lot of marks. Last but not the least, frequently solve question papers that will incur the right time management. Steadily get geared up , and elbow away panic. I.C.S.E can be cracked with flying colours just through a systematic practice.

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