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Ways to score in ICSE Formal Letters

Though there is no such shortcut for obtaining good marks in ICSE, you can definitely secure a commendable score if you opt to write a formal letter in your ICSE. It is very easy to secure good marks in this section of your English Paper 1 if you can follow some simple steps while attempting this kind of letter.
Written in a formal and firm language, very different from the personal letters, formal letters are usually addressed to press, institutions, officials or firms. Formal Letters must be delivered very briefly, in a simple language and ‘to the point’. For example, if you have been asked to write a letter to the Editor, complaining to him about the less frequency of buses in your area, do not elaborate on any unnecessary facts like complaining to him, about the water logged streets in your area.
Some simple rules you ought to follow while writing a formal letter:
  • You must begin the letter with your full name followed by your address and the date on the right hand corner of the page.
Sucheta Das
F 45 Shyamnath Road,
Chennai 600345.
11th January, 2010.
  • Your address needs to be followed by the name/designation and address of the addressee in the left hand side of the page.
Mr. A. K. Malhotra,
ABC Corporation,
34, R. N. Avenue,
New Delhi- 110001.
24th March, 2009.
  • Include the salutation in your letter, leaving a gap of at least one line. This is usually in the form of Dear Sir/Madam or Respected Sir/Madam. It is essential to put a comma after this salutation.
  • Salutation is followed by the subject of the letter. Here, you are expected to mention the subject of your letter very briefly. For example, if you are asked to write a leave application to your teacher/principal you can write the Subject as “Application for leave.”
  • Begin the letter with adequate reference to the subject of your letter. For example, if you are writing a letter asking for a leave to your teacher, you can present to him the period, during which you want to take a leave. In the body of the letter, you can elaborate on the reasons for which you wish to take a leave.
  • You can conclude the letter in the following ways:
  1. “I would be grateful to you if my application for leave is favorably considered” if your letter is an application for leave.
  2. If you are awaiting certain measures to be taken, you can end the letter saying, “I would be grateful if the matter is looked into” or that you would expect some actions to be taken.
  • ICSE Formal letters usually end with “thanking you”, followed by ‘yours faithfully’ and then your name. You must write your full name in this case.
If you can follow these simple yet necessary rules, you are all set to get good marks in your ICSE English Paper 1 Letter formal letter.
Sreetama Nandi
Regular Contributor

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