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ICSE English

“Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it. It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become.”

C. S. Lewis

The ICSE English Paper one tests your understanding and comfort level with the English level. This is not just another English paper. If you keep in mind the objectives behind creating the ICSE English Syllabus and the ICSE English Test Paper, you will surely be able to prepare better for the ICSE exam and get better scores in ICSE English.

Lets us look at some of the objectives of the ICSE English language syllabus.

1. The ICSE English syllabus is aimed at building, growing and assimilating the application of the four essential language skills. These are listening, speaking, reading and writing. ICSE syllabus makers and paper setters want to ensure that you do not just develop these skills in isolation, but rather are able to use them in a combined manner in your daily life.

2. The ICSE English syllabus has been designed in such a way so as to develop the ability of the candidates to express themselves, to give words to their ideas and feelings, and to comprehend and appreciate the use of modern English.

3. The ICSE English syllabus pays a great deal of attention to the fact the ICSE students should have a proper awareness of literary texts. With this aim in view, the literature syllabus is enriched with valuable literary texts such as Shakespeare, O’ Henry, Maugham etc.  The list of texts in the English literature syllabus is a rich and varied one and rather comprehensive. Thus you have texts from many literatures and countries around the world. Care has been taken to see that ICSE students don’t end up with a parochial view of English literature. Thus a classic like Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar co-exists with modern Indian short stories such as The Marty’s Corner and The Lost Boy.

4. The ICSE English literature syllabus comprises of a variety of texts so that students are able to develop an appreciation for the subject. The objective is to develop the range of reading of the students and also to help them to understand and critically appreciate literary qualities in a text. Students are tested not only for their ability to comprehend and recall texts, but to apply their understanding of the same in their own writings.

5. Finally, to sum it all, the ICSE English syllabus is so designed as to help the candidate to learn the effective and appropriate use of the English language. All the questions are so designed as to test the candidate’s abilities regarding the same. Thus the ICSE English language paper requires the candidate to write an essay, a letter, attempt a comprehension passage and answer the questions that follow it, write a précis, and also to answer a number of grammar questions designed to test the grasp of the English language.

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41 Responses to “ICSE English”

  1. Cyriac Thundiyil says:

    What are the portions for ICSE Eglish Literature 2011 (1) What is the drama? (2) what is the poetry (3) What is the text for the short stories?

  2. admin says:

    Here are your answers:

    1) As You Like It
    2) The Golden Lyre
    3) Anthology of Short Stories

  3. mitali bhattacharya says:

    I would like to know what are the poems to be done from Golden Lyre for 2011 and 2012 batch in Icse.

    Also, please let me know what are the short stories to be done from the book of short stories for the 2011 and 2012 batches of Icse


    Mitali Bhattacharya.

  4. SUBHALAXMI says:

    ICSE 2011 English literature portions:
    1.As You Like It
    2.The Golden Lyre
    3.Treasure Trove of short Stories

  5. VAIBHAV says:

    Which is the most important act or scene of AS YOU LIKE IT?

  6. Zohra says:

    wish you could upload a guess paper for literature 2011 for as you like it as its the first time round and students ae a bit in the dark

  7. nivedita says:

    Please suggest acts from as you like it , poetry & prose for 2011 batch

  8. dhanush says:

    is no drama called “loyalities” for 2010-2011 portion for literature ?

  9. admin says:

    To get Sample Questions for 2011, please order the 2011 Solved Sample Papers. You will get 10 Solved Sample Papers at a very basic price of Rs. 150/-

  10. admin says:


  11. madhu says:

    we want to be aware of 2011 english paper becoz we are inexperienced in as you like it etc..

  12. Shering says:

    Where should I place the order for sample paper.

  13. jisnu paul says:

    plz upload some sorts of help papers of “as you like it” for the icse 2011 batch. as it is
    for the first time and memorisizing the full book is a tough job job fr the students avove

  14. is it necessary to read the ‘as you like it’ thoroughly before the day of the exam?it really takes a lot of time.HELP!!!

  15. Sharvi says:

    Target ICSE is the best resource available in market… just check it out!!.. i would advise as you like it, golden lyre, treasure trove.. all are well explained!

  16. Abhijeet says:

    I have much difficulti on as you like it
    this drama is really reverse to his name

  17. Rachana says:

    please tell which book would help me to understand as you like it better………HELP!!!!!!!!

  18. Prachets Upadhyay says:

    it’s good for me and for other students

  19. Khanna says:

    you haven’t answered the most basic of all questions–WHICH STORIES AND POEMS ARE COMING FOR THE EXAMINATION?

  20. nipun says:

    I have difficulties in As You Like It.please tell me which book will be more helpful for me to study the subject well.

  21. AsYouLikeIt says:

    the act were D’senior says sweet are the uses of adversity is very important!!

  22. Alex Lyngdoh says:

    Sir, I would like to know the important parts of As You Like it….would you please me?

  23. ciara says:

    plz i need english litreture portions….for 2012

  24. Princess says:

    Some days back i came to know that boards 2012 exams for icse are starting fröm 29th/feb/2012 please can anybody tell me from where can i get the full datesheet/time table for exams

  25. Princess says:

    @rachna try evergreen(for question) or gem guide(for explanations)

  26. Priyanka says:

    Respected Sir\Mam,
    Can u please help me with some good text books of icse History and Civics and English Grammer of std 10th.

    Moreover where can i get 2010 board papers of icse 10th.

    Thanking You,Divya Priyanka

  27. yeshi tshogay says:

    it would gr8ful if u could briefly sammarise GIVER eng novel for class ten

  28. vivek kumar says:

    i just want the difficult questions from all the 3 books of class IX-X Of ICSE **********

  29. nilanjana roy chowdhury says:

    which acts of “as you like it” are important in ICSE”2012?

  30. nilanjana roy chowdhury says:

    which types of essays are important in ENGLISH LANGUAGE in ICSE 2012?

  31. sruthy says:

    plz post some expected questions on the books

  32. suman says:

    i want some important eng 1 questions otherwise i will fail in exam

  33. luqman says:

    In As you Like It which scene is very very & very important that may come in 2012 icse exam.can you tell plzzzzz…….

  34. sayali says:

    which acts r very important…..n wat is d portion 4 short stories n golden lyer

  35. i want some important eng II questions with answers from short stories,golden lyre and as you like it.

  36. nasweef says:

    pls……..can i know …the syllabus of golden lyre,short stories and as you like it……pls………………post here………………

  37. teju says:

    everyting ………d whole book should b learnt in literature

  38. vini jain says:

    can someone tell me on which topic of essay must be come?

  39. Aritra says:

    What is the drama for 2013-14? Is it going to be as you like it or will it be Julius Caesar?

  40. snehardra says:

    i am not liking “AS YOU LIKE IT”

  41. Utsav Patni says:

    plzz..tell me which scenes are important in As you Like It, stories in Treasure Trove Of Short Stories and poems in Golden lyre for 2013…??????
    reply fst..

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