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Biology can be fun!

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The term Biology which is now used independently has been created from the Greek words ‘bios’ meaning ‘life’ and ‘logia’ meaning ‘study of’. Biology is the science of life. It deals with the creation and existence of life.

Biology has been studied by a number of scientists since ancient times under various heads such as “natural science” or “anatomy” or “physiology etc. Some scientists regard it as the historical science. The history of it creates half the fascination and once we know the history we know the ‘why’ of things happening around us.

Have you ever seen a Steven Spielberg movie with dinosaurs ruling the silver screen? While watching it have you ever thought why there was such a population explosion of dinosaurs in the Jurassic age?

Or coming back to some daily experiences have you wondered why the birds hatch eggs and never give birth to live young ones? Or perhaps how the smallest cell organelle does the job equivalent to a big machine in our physical world? While answering these questions scientists had to reconstruct our biological past to know our present.
Firstly, it is the only science whose application could be understood by children of all age groups and with no special science background. Secondly the study of biology gives us an understanding of the processes of life and the process of discovery. Biology shows us how we, the healthy living human beings, could be fossils carrying genetic codes from times immemorial down to the present generations through our genes. According to some biologists biology shows us how our body plays out a microscopic drama every day, as long as we live. According to George Williams, the marine biologist, the controversies that are created with every new discovery in the field of biology makes it more interesting. Like if the natural selection prevents us from aging then why do we grow old? When all the species become extinct why do some amoebas live? The invention of stem cell cure for diseases The greatest development in biology came over with the invention of electron microscope and Darwin’s theory of natural selection. Ever since, biologists and zoologists are have been researching and inventing new facts in biology.

Biology is interesting for its multifaceted dimensions and it’s the only natural science that could answer the questions about the start of our life and our brain development without which you wouldn’t have been sitting in front of your computer now

So let’s get started on the Biology Tutorial!

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