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A glimpse into the magical world of Physics

The term “Work” carries a very different meaning in the domain of Physics than what we generally understand by this term. A guy can sweat standing under the sun carrying a heavy load on his head and get all tired and exhausted in five minutes but a Physicist would say he has done no work. It is difficult to accept but as you continue your study of Physics you will come to know why it is so.

Actually in Physics we deal with quantities which can be measured. We can measure volt, we can measure heat and we can measure the photon too. For a boy standing quietly in the sun, we can not measure his expenditure of energy and since we can not measure we cannot quantify the work done.

Newton’s laws revolutionized Physics. But well before Newton, philosophers like Aristotle, Mo Tzu had described the inertia of rest and motion. Aristotle had told that heavier masses like rocks would like to be at rest and lighter mass like smoke would like to move unless they are disturbed by an external agent. This external agent was later describes as Force by Newton.

At ICSE level, it is proper to give you an introduction to the vast and interesting world of mechanics. And mechanics again got its justice in dynamics (the study of motion) and

Statics (the study of rest). As you continue your study of dynamics with the help of a powerful mathematical tool called CALCULUS, you will understand the essence of Physics in a much better way.

At this stage, it is helpful to know that with the help of Calculus we are able to study a differential movement. Like the rate of change of velocity in an infinitely small amount of time or the path of a stone thrown as a projectile.

Another powerful mathematical tool applied to understand the principles of dynamics is VECTOR. Vectors as you know have direction and magnitude. Any movement has a direction and if we analyze it using vector then it becomes easier for us to conceive the behavior of the body under different forces acting at the same time.

Most of the times we tend to skip numerical in a Physics exam. We try to avoid maths but guys if you try to understand the problem and then solve it, you will find it easier to score. Moreover, a problem is the practical application of the laws of Physics.

In our tutorials on Physics we have tried to answer the basic questions which naturally creep into your mind. Why will I learn this theory? Where will I use this? Do I have to accept as this is written in the text book? This is when our videos will help you to visualize and think.

So, wear your thinking hat and explore….

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10 Responses to “A glimpse into the magical world of Physics”

  1. pawan says:

    physics is real fun. but silly mistakes grade us low. how to avoid.

  2. Anandi says:

    Physics is my fav subject and solvin the numericals are real fun :)
    yeah..silly mistakes are the things which cuts down the marks :(

  3. admin says:

    Yes Anandi… you are absolutely right! And we hope you will be careful to avoid careless mistakes! :)

  4. Khushboo says:

    hw cn u guyzz lyk physics..???…i dnt lyk it at al….!!!..spcly the numericls of calorimetry r pathetic..!!!…it al goes abuv my head..!!!…i sumhw scor well in the theory part..!!!…hw shud i go about it..???…do v hav sum importnt points to keeep in mind b4 appearing fr dis exm..??

  5. Khushboo says:

    radioactivity is also a big problm fr me…!!!!…wat cn b dun..??…

  6. serin says:

    i totally agree..some of da numericals from calorimetry nd work, power energy is horrible for me..theory is ok..pls give me tips..i am desperately in need of them!

  7. Anurag says:

    Please explain electromagnetism

  8. admin says:

    When direct current passes through a conductor a magnetic field gets generated around the conductor. Since the magnetism is produced by electricity, it is called electromagnetism. The magnetic field pattern around the conductor is circular in nature and its strength depends on the strength of the current flowing through the conductor.

  9. Sindhura says:

    Awesome article …… :)

  10. car1234 says:

    mechanics is my favorite!!! :)
    its jus soo interestng..

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