AboutUsHe is a techie geek with an entrepreneurial bent of mind. I, a self-confessed born teacher. Together we envision to change the way learning happens today. Not so long ago we were ICSE students like you who wished for the system to change. The good thing is, today we know that we can be the change we always wanted.

So dear ICSE candidates get set for a whole new experience. We are here to make learning a fun and enriching experience that prepares you for life. A good ICSE score will only be the by-product of this great experience, if only because it serves to keep parents happy and takes care of careers.

The Team

who_we_are_imgThe Target ICSE team is spearheaded by Abhinav and Paromita. Abhinav completed his schooling from La Martiniere and went on to do the usual dose of engineering and business management from some of the best institutions in the country. He has had varied experience in marketing, software and the e-learning industry. The desire to combine all his interests in one venture was the seed of Target ICSE.

Always having had to bear the brunt of being too scholarly, I took up English Honours in Presidency College Kolkata, and only breathed easy when I got my Doctoral degree from the University of Calcutta. Phew! But not for long. Having been into teaching for the last 14 years, having taught all classes (school to college to university) and grades (good, better, best–I believe there are no bad students, only bad teachers) of students I have always had the desire to have my own academy: where learning could be fun and effective, where learning would be a pleasure. Target ICSE is my dream-come-true.

We are proud to say that we are supported by a team of highly dedicated academicians and bright young students of today who share our passion of changing the way learning is perceived. ICSE toppers (all our team members have scored above 90% in ICSE) and products of the best schools and colleges, all our team members work persistently to make learning a great experience for you. Our Faculty operate from several cities in India, from UK and USA.

Meet Our Faculty


Dr. A.R. Das

Dr. Paromita Sengupta

Mr. Koushik Bhattacharya

Ms. Pallavi Sengupta

Social Science

Mr. Ajatasatru Banerjee

Mrs. Sudeshna Sanyal


Mr. Abhinav Sengupta

Dr. Vibhas Sengupta

Mrs. Tandra Das

Miss Anushuya Patil

Mr. Ananda Roy

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For further information, drop in an email at: support@targeticse.co.in
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