As You Like It

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As You Like It by William Shakespeare is a Pastoral Comedy. The play is believed to have been composed in 1599 or earlier. It was first published in folio in 1623.

As You Like It is a fun filled pastoral comedy that celebrates life, love and nature. While on the one hand it deals with several types of love, it also has nature as an important theme. It is one of the most wonderful comedies of Shakespeare and it must be read in proper context and perspective to be enjoyed at its fullest.

The play may appear unfathomable to ICSE Students at first reading, primarily because of the Shakespearean language, the topical allusions and the cultural and temporal gap, but read in the right way, it is one of the most delightful comedies of Shakespeare that is at the same time profound in its delineation of the human mind and nature.

Target ICSE As You Like It self study course has been specifically designed for ICSE Students, most of whom are reading a Shakespearean play for the first time. We have taken care to see that students get the true flavour of this colorful pastoral comedy- As You Like It - in all its variety.

Each scene has been dealt with exclusively including summary, visual presentation, annotations, solved questions and assignments. There is a forum in each scene to encourage further discussion. The recap makes it easy for the students to remember the sequences in the scene. All in all, this is one complete package for ICSE Students studying As You Like It.

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