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The very mention of the word “ESSAY” evokes different reactions in different students... While some love to pen their thoughts, for many others it’s not a pleasurable or easy task!

So, as always dear students, Target ICSE is here to help you through.

Target ICSE Essay Writing Package

OurICSE Essay Writing Packageincludes the following:

  • Understanding the various types of ICSE essays: Narrative, Descriptive, Argumentative, Reflective, Social, Humourous, Picture Composition
  • How to identify the Essay Type best suited for you: Which Essay should YOU write?
  • Guided Tutorials on how to write the various types of essays
  • 30 Sample Essays

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  • Introduction to Essay Writing

    w to Write an Essay?

    The first thing that you face in the ICSE English language paper is a composition/ essay writing task. You are given a choice of various types of essays.

    You are required to write an essay of about 500-600 words on a topic that you may have never heard of before! How then do you approach it?

    This chapter introduces you the concept and essentials of essay writing.

  • Narrative Essay

    Narrative EssayNarrative essay is a form of expository writing. This mode of essay writing allows the writer to think and write about themselves.

    These essays are judged on the candidate’s capacity to organize and present the content in a well formulated manner. The candidate should be able to keep up the interest throughout the length of the essay and while narrating facts and incidents, present all ideas coherently and make it a lively piece of writing.

    This chapter gives you all the guidelines you need for writing a good narrative essay in your ICSE Exam.
    Plus: Sample Narrative Essays

  • Descriptive Essay

    Descriptive EssayA descriptive essay is a "must there" topic in the ICSE English Language Paper. A descriptive essay must not be confused with a simple description. Well its chief task is to describe the object at hand, but a good descriptive essay is never a boring description. It goes way beyond that!

    A good descriptive essay infuses the subject with a perspective and an emotion. Thus it creates a deeply involved and vivid experience for the reader.

    This chapter teaches you the essence of what constitutes the essence of a good descriptive essay and teaches you how you can write one.
    Plus: Sample Descriptive Essays

  • Argumentative Essay

    Argumentative EssaysDon't go by the cartoon on the left! An Argumentative essay is not about screaming.

    An Argumentative essay needs reasoning and balanced and rational presentation of ideas. An Argumentative essay is written on a controversial subject that should have a central theme, a logical development of the arguments and a suitable conclusion.

    This chapter guides you on the important 'do' s and "don't"s of writing an Argumentative essay in the ICSE exam and teaches you how to plan and organize your argumentative essay.

    Plus: Sample Argumentative Essays.

  • Reflective Essay

    Reflective EssayA reflective essay is an exploration of a topic using personal thought and experience. By using the topic at hand as a springboard, a writer can reflect on world events, personal history, emotional experience or objective fact.

    The goal of the reflective essay is ultimately to weave together reflections in a way that conveys a new thought to the reader. Ironically, this seemingly flowing essay requires a large amount of planning and structure during preparation.

    This chapter will guide you on the planning and writing of a Reflective Essay.

  • Picture Composition

    Picture CompositionA picture composition is always one of the choices that the student encounters in the ICSE Examination. The picture composition requires the student to study the given picture and write a composition that is related to the picture.

    It may be a descriptive essay of what is in the picture or it may be a narrative composition or story that is connected to the picture.

    This chapter tells you how to attempt a picture composition.

    Plus: Sample Picture Compositions

  • Social Essay

    Social EssaysYou may sometimes encounter a socially relevant topic in your ICSE exam. This could be a topic for either a descriptive, narrative, reflective or argumentative essay.

    So what makes them different? Well the topic makes them different because the topic requires some social awareness on your part.

    This chapter tells you the secret of writing a great social essay yourself.

    Plus: Sample Social Essays

  • Humourous Essay

    Humourous EssayHumor adds life and variety to an essay, making it entertaining and witty. In this world of examinations, homeworks, traffic jams, bands, floods, health problems, and what not humour goes a long way!

    You can surely score an extra mark or two by assimilating some good humour to your essay.

    This chapter teaches you some fundamental techniques of adding humour to your writing.
    Plus: Sample Humourous Essay

  • Quotations and Proverbs

    Quotations and Proverbs