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ICSE Essay / Composition Writing Package

ICSE Essay / Composition Writing Package

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Target ICSE has been ideated with YOU in mind. Yes YOU- the bright young teenager of today who is all set to top ICSE and emerge a true winner- not only in examinations, but in every aspect of LIFE! You are lucky to be having the whole world of knowledge at your finger-tips. So go ahead and make the best of it. The rigors of school and homework and tuition can deplete you mentally and physically.So you are often left wondering that what if study-timings and tuition could be more flexible. We are here to fulfill that need. With Target ICSE, time is in your grasp.With a vision of fun and effective learning in mind we decided to launch TARGET ICSE… your friend and guide to steer you to high scores in ICSE. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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